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Cruise Speed
A drive below jump drive but above thrusters . A drive that allows you to travel only forward. Its like a toggle you cant slow down or leave your ships ficinity because you would die. Other ship can leave your ship if they have a Cruise Drive as well. It allows you to build a new ship or repair your ship. But you dont have to jump

XxnickdraganxX shared this idea 03/10/17 16:39
MitchMash 06/10/17 06:33
Like an impulse From Star Trek bridge voyage
Infinity 06/10/17 08:19
Just get speed mods...
Infinity 06/10/17 08:20
Also, impulse is change in momentum, which is basically thrusters.
Onslaught2000 07/10/17 00:52
I like your idea. It would be cool to have the speed limit over 100m/s for just another type of block. So you would have like a normal thrust, and then a kinda sub-lite thrust, and then for warp you have the jump drive. It would be cool if we can get that in SE.
Ramxius 07/10/17 10:35
Yes...the 100m/s speed cap is horrid. It makes little sense that you get the same maximum speed with the same number of thrusters flying toward or away from gravity...also limits ship designs when every vessel flies at the same speed.