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Create a trader and/or security faction for the cargo ships and military ships seperate to the pirate faction for the attack ships
Presently cargo ships, military ships and clearly pirate ships are all added to the pirate faction. This is not only annoying it makes no sense. Why have pirates if all the cargo ships are already pirates. Why have pirates come to the rescue when you are conducting piracy.. It would make more sense if the cargo ships were part of some trade/security faction so when they scream for help the "space police" come running instead. Attacking a pirate ship and it screaming for help, makes more sense if "space pirates" come to the rescue. This also allows for the amusing possibility that a cargo/military ship might cross paths with a pirate ship and they both scream for help resulting in a NPC space battle between pirates and cargo/military spawning. How epic would it be to come across one of those! Wait for the victor to be decided.. or take a side even; or just pick off the meat from the loser afterwards.

xphoenixxx shared this idea 02/08/17 01:59
Cheetah 03/08/17 10:21
This is a very good idea. However, it will unlikely be implemented. Besides, there's already a mod that does the same. It's called Exploration Enhancement Mod.
naed21 17/08/17 18:15
This could be created using the visual scripting tool. The Escape Mars senario has some elements of this. Although I would like more life in my worlds, I don't think it should be put high on the priority list.
Anubis 18/08/17 01:49
they should add the Exploration Enhancement Mod to the game I agree way too few default factions plus the mod adds a basic economy.
Korfio 18/08/17 14:07
I am with @xphoenixxx on this one. Pirate drones and cargo ships *should* be shooting each other. EEM does a lot more than this. Just put the two additional factions in.
JuStX2 20/08/17 08:53
While i like the idea - you are forgetting Keen's Achlies Heel: They tried to make a coffee machine run like an AI (an obviously impossible task)
MeridiusIX 25/08/17 04:00
Semi-related: I'd love to see the SpawnGroups.sbc file give us the option to specify the cargo ship / encounter faction from that file (defaulting to Space Pirate if custom faction isn't found).
HighGround 07/09/17 08:58
I like the idea of having several different NPC Fractions, as this way each fraction can have its own AI mentality. For example CIVILIAN fraction would run from fights and call for Military assistance. PIRATE fraction could use a few more different classes of ship, and you could also set the fraction up to want to dominate a sector. Going after player and NPCs alike. So ignoring a pirates for too long can have consequences as their number will increase. MILITARY faction would come to the aid of any trade ship in distress. Could also create a system where if a player attacks a civilian ship for a certain time after all military ships will attack on upon detection. The more the player attack the stronger the Military response. So attack a Mining Carriage get 2 military fighters to respond for assistance. Take too long taking them out more fighter jump in. This would create a risk reward system. The more aggressive the player is to the NCPs the more aggressive the NCPs are towards the player. Like if you pirate a sector too often, Civilian ships will call for assistance long before they are attacked, giving you less of an edge. Plus you will also find a higher Military presence in the sector that will be looking for you. Do to much in one area of space for too long things are going to get hot. This would force player to move around the map more than they are. There is plenty of things that can make the expanding of the NPC system that could add much to the game.
Pharap 14/09/17 23:10
This would certainly add depth in terms of lore and make cargo ships more interesting.
KManALPHA 17/09/17 16:21
a new block type... "Trading hub" may be needed, maybe something like Rust's vending machines?
Pharap 17/09/17 17:38
@KManALPHA It could be achieved with script blocks, LCDs and cargo blocks. I've not got round to testing it but I've got a concept for a trade system where each player has a cargo block to put stuff in, an LCD interface to display what they're offering and what the other person is offering and a button panel with 'ok' 'cancel' etc options (a bit like how steam trading works). When both players hit ok, the cargo from the 'input' cargo blocks are moved to hidden cargo blocks that neither player can access before being moved to a corresponding 'output' cargo block that each player can access. 100% fair trading as long as nobody cuts through the armour and tampers with the system.
naed21 17/09/17 17:51
@Pharap I can do you one better. I made a prototype that lets you list items on a market and anyone can buy them (no mods). Showcase link: This was before the sensor changes so now you can have a sensor get the player name instead of them having to type a username/password.
Pharap 18/09/17 00:54
@naed21 Now I see that video I remember seeing that ages ago in the thread about it: I'd forgotten because it's quite a while back now.
andreykl 24/09/17 12:57
Cargo ships are outdated and need attention in general: 1. Beyond calling for help cargo ships don't react to player's presence (one would assume that they will try to run or at least get a better firing solution) 2. Help in question ignores obstackles between it and target (I tend to hide behind "carriage" while "assailant" shots at a block I continuously build at said carriage, it never tries to reach me even if I do nothing. content at keeping 200m distance) , in the end I capture both "carriage" and "assailant" without using ships. 3. Variety is no good. Existing ships are fine and all (minus hauler's weak spot), but since the day cargo ships were implemented we got oxygen, hydrogen, planets, crio cameras... Why there are no fuel transports, construction ships, passenger ships and atmospheric ones? "Cargo ship" mods tend to have all of those and more.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:51
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
Anubis 21/05/18 06:40
@ HighGround that's a wonderful Idea give you a reason not to situate in one place for too long ecpically if your a pirate maybe throw in a bounty system if you attack merchants and civies often enough aside from calling for backup earlier you get small fleets 1-2 ships at first but build up your bounty and people are out to find you. Probably be better to use an rng vs your bounty level to simulate a live system