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Country Oriented Skins
OK Iv had this idea for some time for some skins the skin would be country oriented skins so players can rep there country if they choose. It would be a nice addition. And have them available to be used with out get them from the crates. and have the flag Emissive. or something like this would be great.

DyingDarkStar shared this idea 23/03/18 10:39
immex5 03/05/18 03:48
The sheer amount of countries though. I can only see this being feasible if the skin was the same as all the others except it had your countries flag.
DyingDarkStar 10/05/18 21:30
how else would they do it beside that way? doesn't "have the flag Emissive" give you the idea that the country flag would be just a patch on the suit? like on the shoulder and chest and the gloves and boots and helmet. it would be very simple too to make and implement an emissive flag patch on the suit or they would just implement emissive flag suit patchs this would be the easy thing to implement