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Conveyor Access Port Block
The "Access Port" would behave like a Small Cargo Container, but without any inventory of its own. The entire purpose of the block would be to give access to the inventories of other blocks connected to the same conveyor system. If you are building a large ship in Space Engineers, you most likely have a Large Cargo Container somewhere that you want to be able to access from anywhere on the ship. The only way to do this at the moment is to add Small Cargo Containers to the conveyor system and use those, but then you get a lot of unwanted inventories everywhere on the ship. Even if you mark the Containers to be invisible in the inventory screen, they still show up when you try to access the conveyor system thorugh the container itself. This is where the Access Port would be awesome to use. I hope you see the potential of adding an "Access Port" (name could be changed) to the game! :)

Cyberpurr shared this idea 14/11/17 13:39