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connector problem
the connector works only if both the jumper belong to the same person. (they do not take into account factions).

jojo5144 shared this idea 26/09/17 21:46
Jerrry 27/09/17 15:05
Retested on latest version. Unable to reproduce.
ichiyo77 27/09/17 22:10
have you tested on dedicated server? This happened when building two ship/station by another person in our faction. When we try to connect, the connexion works when the connectors belong to same person (nobody -> nobody, player1 -> player1 and not player1 -> player2)
UncleCletus 07/12/17 20:00
I can comment on this with connectors. This is as of the latest update. The station connector is owned by a faction and set to share all. The other connector in order for it too work, which is owned by someone else on their ship must be set to share all or nobody. Occasionally it wouldn't work on share all however it was totally random and I don't believe to be reproducible. This seemed like either an ownership issue or just a base game feature that needs to be learned how to work with as a player