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Concrete Blocks
I know this was already discussed and might be coming with the survival update but i'll just list it in here in case the idea was abandoned. This would make stone and gravel actually useful and not just an unwanted side-product of mining. - Using Gravel & Iron as components - Too heavy for ships but great for stationary bases - As robust as blast doors (maybe even slightly stronger) - Non-conductive (blocks can't be powered) - Not colorable (so it's easier for players to differentiate between concrete and armor blocks) Both the facts that they're non-conductive and not colorable are meant to prevent players to build bases out of concrete blocks only and rather just use them as a foundation. This way it won't be used as an "tier 3" armor block for stations as it would be highly impractical and unpleasant to watch.

SevenSins shared this idea 27/08/17 23:44
aleliabro 28/08/17 01:26
Maybe a requirement of building them would be that they needed to be placed near or on voxels? Therefore wouldnt be able to make ships out of it. Either they shouldnt be conductive but enable a way to connect between blocks that need to be powered (like cables) . Or they should to allow power through a base that necessarily may not want a roof? Or have random blocks connecting all of them. Having a floor of armour blocks to enable conductivity would have a building look weird in my opinion, like its sitting on top rather than part of the structure. But otherwise I love the idea
retep998 28/08/17 05:16
Electricity does not flow through the blocks themselves. Otherwise just standing on a metal floor you'd be constantly electrocuted to death and everything would short circuit like crazy. Really there's just hidden wires running through everything and I see absolutely no reason why they can't be run through concrete as well. For paint it's very easy to just design a texture such that chips and cracks in the concrete surface reveal the unpainted surface underneath, making it very obvious that a painted block is concrete.
DeckerMMIV 28/08/17 18:40
Possible duplicate of 'Concrete Blocks from Stone and Steel'? However you explain it better, than the other one.
antokamire 28/08/17 18:51
The thing is that the grid is always powered so I do not think that is should be non conductive for performance reasons and for the reasons that there are probaly wires through every block anyway.
SevenSins 28/08/17 21:17
Yeah i agree. Guess they should really be powered and probably also colorable. Was just a idea on how to prevent players from building bases out of concrete blocks only. @DeckerMMIV Oops... didn't knew there already was a "concrete block" topic.
Brigor 28/08/17 22:02
I like the idea of concrete blocks, which can only placed on voxels. In this case I think they could be colorable and conductive too.
Vrmithrax 29/08/17 01:03
Just to add to this, I think concrete blocks should have a unique set of resistances and properties, to balance out. As the OP mentioned, they should not be considered a "Tier 3" armor, so give the blocks unique strengths and weaknesses: Very strong load bearing, highly resistant to thruster damage, fairly weak to projectile damage, very weak against explosive damage. Just like real concrete, strong and tough, but brittle under impact.
DomaN8 29/08/17 08:54
Hello. I think they can be powered, if you have enough metal. Say the same as a light armor, but then fill the light armor block. Also for reference I would look at HESCO, or a gabion used for flood control for the model. Also I think it should require a lot of gravel to ensure that blocks are heavy enough they cant be used as armor on ships.
antokamire 29/08/17 18:58
you should just have an assembler that takes gravel and Ice (maybe steel) and turns it into concrete blocks (which actually are weaker when combined than a fully molded concrete wall) then you should have 2 concrete types Reinforced and just concrete It should basically be usefull as cheap station armour and beign heavy you could only really consider to use them as landing pads on bigger ships
Darkaiser 31/08/17 13:20
I've been asking for another use for Gravel and Stone for AGES! As to their uses: 1) Yes, they should conduct power. No reason not to. 2) Re SevenSins comment: Why shouldn't a player make an entire base out of concrete? 3) I would be happy with a normal (just Stone and Ice) and a reinforced (add Iron) version. 4) These should be restricted to being attached to voxels because a concrete spacecraft is a bit odd. 5) I like the idea of these being very strong/immune to thruster damage, average vs guns and weaker against explosions. Keeps metal doors viable.
retep998 31/08/17 15:49
I have no problem with ships being able to use these concrete blocks. As long as light armor and heavy armor have a better integrity to mass ratio, then there's no advantage to be had from building your ship out of concrete.
SevenSins 09/09/17 10:06
@Darkaiser If they need to be attached to voxel how would you prevent players from unburrowing the Base and converting it to a ship?
nddingley 09/09/17 13:15
Maybe have two types Basic and Reinforced, with basic only requiring Gravel to make, and Reinforced requiring iron as well. With basic concrete block being stronger than light armour and reinforced stronger than heavy armour, but both at least 10x heavier. That way basic concrete would become ideal for building ground or asteroid bases, but useless for ships.
UginPearl 09/09/17 13:38
Бетонные блоки нужны в свою очередь для строительства сооружений, укреплений и даже дорог, потому что из вокселя это очень сложно сделать. Concrete blocks are needed for the construction of fortification, buildings and roads. It's silly to do all this from blocks of light armor, or heavy armor.
Darkaiser 09/09/17 14:18
@@SevenSins: Easy...if you build any part of the structure with Concrete, the 'Convert to ship' button becomes deactivated. Good thinking on the idea though because someone surely would try it. Like in space. Build your Concrete base attached to an asteroid by a single block, mine the asteroid away and there you go. However, with the 'Convert' button deactivated, the base will just sit there.
retep998 09/09/17 14:57
@Darkaiser That's a terrible idea because it would completely break the existing mechanic of automatically turning stations into ships when they are no longer supported, which would turn concrete into an exploit allowing you to create stations floating in midair. Seriously, we don't need any sort of special station only mechanics, just make the concrete realistically heavy and nobody will bother using it for ships! If somebody does use concrete for a ship, who cares? A concrete ship isn't better than a metal ship, so there's no reason to prevent it.
Vrmithrax 09/09/17 19:47
If concrete has down sides (like much higher weight and lack or reduction of protection from weapons), it will be a natural deterrent for many to use it for ship construction, except in certain places. It will naturally all sort itself out.
JASCO2 14/09/17 22:39
For being the most abundant resource in game, stone is pretty friggen worthless. I agree! Its a futuristic game, the future will still have a use for concrete. Lets make some dang concrete!
Radeth 27/09/17 18:42
The idea I had about concrete (and the one that I've heard going around about it) is to use it to give access to some sort of survival "Voxel Hand", this could be a great addition to survival, would require very little work to implement (I suppose), and would have out of the box all the characteristics you said (voxels already are robust, unconductive, uncolorable and one would be insane to put them in their ships as they are static - or Keen could make it so that you can't use it on unsupported grids -).
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:56
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
Doomedperson 19/07/18 21:44
I would take out the non-conductive part in favor of simply being cheap, requiring only gravel and ice, and really, really heavy. Thus, it would confer a good reason to use stations instead of ships, work with stations without voxels auto-converting to ships, and also give a military base-y look.