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Concept for the survival improvements
Until now, SE is a pure sandbox game, without any goals except those the player comes up with himself. That’s great, it’s creative and fun, but there’s a lot potential for an improvement in the survival game experience. I use the star system scenario as a basis, because I think it’s the most complete experience, as it contains most/all content of the game (planets, moons, asteroids, space…). 1. Add two start situations: a. Easy: you’re an engineer with a mission (leave open what it is, so you don’t limit the players creativity) and your dropped to a planetary surface to establish a base of any kind start with the current lander (or equivalent) b. Hard: you barely escaped your ship with an escape pod start with a small escape pod, just parachutes, no planetary maneuvering and just enough resources to get a minimalistic base running 2. Adjust the planets slightly to give some different challenges: a. Earth like: (Easy) basically leave it as it is, just remove the wolves (they’re stupid, add nothing to the game and break the immersion). It’s the easy start world, lots of oxygen, enough ressources, no enemys (maybe except ruins/pirate bases/etc. if added) b. Mars-like: (Medium) remove all ice, except close to the polar regions. Without enemies (see earth-like), no breathable atmosphere you need to get an oxygen source quick (oxygen farms) and get mobile if you ever want to get back to space c. Alien: (Hard) improve sabroids to make them more dangerous (and immersive), by add hives/spawning points and different types (soldiers, spitters, flyers…). Maybe add the option that sabroids infect your ships, so that you carry them with you to space ships, asteroid bases etc. (especially for an ‘end game’ experience they have lots of potential, but I leave them be for now to keep this suggestion short’ish)

Glimmlampe shared this idea 25/01/18 15:26
Azirahael 06/02/18 01:25
Also some form of better gating regarding resources. Like, we have platinum on asteroids only. And that limits elite tools and ion thrusters and some other high end stuff. We need another layer. Stuff that we need that can only be found on super hazardous planets, or inside pirate bases. something like that. That gives us organic advancement, without additional artificial limits.And this stuff is used to craft Component X which is used in high end stuff like Jump drives, Ultra tools, the best weapons and so on. And if the default scenario was built with this in mind, and with say, a big battlestation guarding the exit from the system, then you could sandbox to your heart's content, fighting if you want, and building up to take on the big BattleStation to finish the level. It would also act as a template for even more involved scenarios.
Glimmlampe 07/02/18 09:13
yes, i had a similar idea, i just didn't want to bloat the suggestion up too much. I wouldn't add a resource that is needed for anything thats in the game yet, that would limit the options. I think the better way would be to add something thats helpfull, but not needed. Like add plutonium as a new ressource, only to be found on hostile alien planets (with improved sabroids). then the plutonium could be used for stuff thats basically an improved version of the stuff we already have. A reaktor the size of a small one with the output of a large one, ammunition that does more damage, armor with the weight of light armor and durability of heavy... stuff like that.
tehroommate 11/02/18 04:28
Yes we need a Survival Overhual big time :D
DyingDarkStar 14/02/18 11:43
"Maybe add the option that sabroids infect your ships, so that you carry them with you to space ships, asteroid bases etc." i would love that sabroids would do that. like just have the option for them to do that i would love. and maybe also have a hive block so you could save your ship and it would be cool to have it where you could make a hive block so you can have it where you can have a booby trapped ship or place it on other peoples ships and infect there ships some thing like that would just be cool. and i would like to see enemies like the wolfs and sabroids on Mars-like that would be nice like some thing in between the wolfs and sabroids.
Darkaiser 17/02/18 17:58
As with most Survival ideas, it can use some tweaking but there are bones of good ideas here. Different Diff levels (because new players will have a STEEP learning curve), wide open creativity (build a what?), different planets and so on. I would try to incorporate an Asteroid start of three into this as well but as I said, there can always be tweaking.