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Concealment in Vanilla
This is an obvious choice to add to vanilla because it is simply invaluable to server admin's such as myself. Concealment currently in torch provides 2x performance of vanilla server. Before the last 2 updates I was running 400 grids at 1.0 sim with over 10 people on my server. You CAN NOT do that in vanilla no matter how hard you try. Granted it was slightly dipping the sim to .98 every so often from the concealment itself working with so many grids I assume... It was still 1.0 at that time. Currently if I disable concealment on torch with only 200 grids, I am left with .15-.20 sim speed, and if only 4-5 players are online I get .30 sim. enabling concealment with the same situations I get .50-.70 sim speed. Unsure why the last update caused the performance to drop but concealment regardless would be an amazing feature to add to vanilla, not to mention if done properly it would double performance or more. Please note: if this can't be added to vanilla, perhaps just support concealment in torch officially with vanilla enhancements that would allow concealment to be even better. (you'd have to talk to jim or rexxar i guess)

XeroCreator shared this idea 06/08/17 20:31
Jimmacle 07/08/17 20:53
IMO Concealment would have to be way more polished in order for it to be in a vanilla-ready state. It could be done a lot better than all-or-nothing per grid, I haven't really had time to explore it though.
XeroCreator 08/08/17 12:26
Of course, but it being pushed into the main-game PROPERLY, would mean a high increase in server performance. and by properly I mean all the little bugs fixed with it, not there are many, but still, I guess we should ask for a rollback to what happened 3 weeks ago :(
mikrogen 17/08/17 11:49
If I understand it correctly, this feature also means that unattened grids just stop working, which may lead to some game logic problems (resources not being depleted, drills not drilling etc.) But we can make some vanilla change to Torch have better support. Contact me on Discord about specific issues and we can start to work on that.
XeroCreator 17/08/17 12:26
Quick comment: Torch has a 'ignore production' feature that would be usable as well that means all production blocks would still function. regardless, even with this feature that would be fine. I have other concerns as well regarding concealment related things. such as projections being left on by players, those should just turn off when no-one is around anyway. :) I will have Jimmacle contact you with concerns he has or support that is needed. thanks!
mccorkle 19/08/17 18:58
I'd just like to see Torch (and concealment) released as the official SEDS management interface (when Jimmacle and team are ready). I already use it 99% of the time for my dedicated server, and don't expect to go back to stock server except for when things get crashy.
XeroCreator 19/08/17 19:05
I want to put things into perspective. Currently my server world has nearly 300 grids on it. With the skin update i'm sure as soon as i launch that it's gonna jump up another 20+ grids due to skin drop containers. So, for perspective, I launch my server with Torch and it has 1.0 sim speed when empty, there's lots of grids, so that doesn't help. Keep in mind we have launched a new cleanup where a player can only have 10 antennae, and all grids need an antenna to be protected from cleanup. The 295 grids right now in the world with one person on (because you can't see sim otherwise) the sim speed is .30 or less. with 8-10 people the sim speed on torch is .90 give or take depending on the circumstances. Now, keep in mind i've got 50 mods, mostly small ones, but some large ones, but only maybe... 10? scripted ones. The server itself is smooth due to the processor it's on. However, if you take off concealment with torch, sim drops to .30 or below really fast. Turn it back on, usually getting 1.0 server sim speed when it finishes it's 'work' I'm actually fine having to use torch but, it'd be dumb not to see the results and refuse this. Unless you know... you can get a world with 300 grids in vanilla at 1.0 sim speed and 10 players with 50 mods... but i doubt that severely.
AutoMcD 21/09/17 14:39
What, exactly, does this "torch" do, what do you mean by concealment?
mccorkle 21/09/17 14:56
Torch is a dedicated server management interface -- built to replace SESE.
XeroCreator 30/09/17 19:37
update: I have been running my server with concealment since torch was released. It has a 'conceal production' toggle that I have left off for testing. So all production in the server is working as normal, only grids themselves are concealed and the server still runs 10x as better than it would in a vanilla instance (300 grids currently, still at 1.0 with 5 or so players until something ruins the fun, just bugs but... anyway) it would still be better than what we have. and if we could somehow figure out how to do even more optimizations on servers, (namely the dynamic loading constantly working against us) I think servers would get a huge performance boost.
Jimmacle 30/09/17 20:22
The toggle to conceal production is a grid-wide check. If the grid has active production blocks the entire grid stays revealed. I haven't determined if it's possible to conceal properly on a block-by-block basis.