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Compound Block
Ability to place multiple blocks in the same grid space, like in Medieval Engineers.

ghofmann shared this idea 17/08/17 19:41
DaishoChikara 17/08/17 21:15
This is badly needed! Too many small objects that do not need to take up the space of a whole block. Without this feature creativity is held back.
ThePimpness 17/08/17 21:37
Needed but clearly harder to implement otherwise they would have. However if all blocks are not possible, key blocks would be ok as well. Lights with anything. Lights are a big issue due to taking up a whole space causing bigger \ more empty space in builds. Another is glass. Certain angle get complicated and impossible to create due to glass hitboxes. Seats, so that you may build a console around them much easier. Over their feet\close to arm's reach. (idea: use piston to move screen closer once the driver has been seated)
Eikester 19/08/17 11:42
maybe give each block some slots where players can insert craftable components such as a light component or lcd component, in the terminal there are additional slots where you can insert those components, the Models get some new dummies to define where the components are rendered at i.e. dummy_component_slot_n, the amount of dummies defines the amount of available slots in the terminal. this way a player can choose to have i.e. 4 lcds or 3 lcds + 1 light etc.
DaishoChikara 20/08/17 18:30
See, this is why Eikester is awesome! Please do this!!
JustRyan 22/08/17 16:58
This would be great for small, large grid blocks like lights, control/button panels, catwalks etc and it would not be hard to implement considering it was already possible to by exploiting a bug with merge blocks and they've already done it in ME.
posthy 25/08/17 02:09
Since every block snaps to a grid, the most simple way (in my opinion) to change everything to basically small grid. So a large cube block would be 5x5x5 in size, a light just 1x1x1, glass maybe 5x5x1, and so on. Gives a bunch of possibility. Probably at a cost of some performance.
Krienas 28/08/17 15:54
yeah, compound blocks or get rid of large grid! :)
Itchydani3l 30/08/17 14:01
I agree that this should be a feature (although implementation would need to be very careful), but i'll point out for the benefit of the other commenters that the small/large rotor hack helps alleviate this problem. Right now i'm using small-grid lights and a rotor to illuminate my large-grid station, and it's working pretty nicely.
DaishoChikara 05/09/17 23:25
Bump for activity. Please either make some of the blocks (logical choices, lights, command chairs, sensors, speakers, control panels, etc) compoundable, or failing that, do as Eikester suggested and give build slots in hull pieces that would allow us to build small features in like lights, sensors, speakers, etc.
AutoMcD 06/09/17 02:47
I feel like there should just be 1 grid size, and the large blocks would just exist on it with their 5x size.
ggblbl 14/09/17 21:16
We need this. Badly!
pingger 14/09/17 22:07
To quote half armor blocks: "For the love of clang! We need ...!" in this case Compound Blocks!
VAArtemchuk 15/09/17 00:29
I actually wonder how's that possible that you implemented this awesome feature in one of your games and aren't even trying to do it in the other. I mean, of all the innovative stuff you do in your games (and I must admit that you do a lot of experimenting in your games) this particular feature is one of the most brilliant for block type games.
planelander 15/09/17 01:21
Please guys, I have been waiting for this for a long time. Please bring it into game!
byzod 15/09/17 13:24
Yeah, I still don't understand why I can't place a catwalk if there's a light bulb on the ceiling
Runescope 15/09/17 15:33
Hells to the yes. Especially blocks like switches and sensors that only the size of a small block should be able to be set on a 5x5 grid on a large block.
LvlLord 17/09/17 21:55
I think it is a save or memory issue, since it was possible due to a bug to set multiple corner lights into one block. So the engine seems to be able to handle it. Idea (adressed here ) would be to create a special block which consists out of many other blocks. So the save system only needs to reference one block, but this block is user defined. The same way it would be possible to create a large block out of 5x5x5 small blocks and precalculate caracterisics for this block. So you can design your interior with these combo blocks without the need for rotor hacks.
malwaredev 20/09/17 08:04
LvlLord no. Sorry. The grid objects themselves simply cannot handle more than block in a single cell, they're not designed for it (I've worked with the source). That bug was most likely creating new grids for each block, they were never part of the ship. I've seen plenty of people referencing that bug as "hidden compound block feature", but it simply isn't related to compounding at all.
baratgab 21/09/17 14:17
I bought Medieval Engineers recently, and I was pretty impressed with the building system... feels much more advanced than building in Space Engineers, where a single ship light or camera uses up a 2.5m cube. :( The placement of objects inside buildings (e.g. stations, tables) is also much more precise in Medieval Engineers.
KissSh0t 24/09/17 13:07
I would really like to build a cockpit for a ship, instead of the current "place flight seat or cockpit block down and that's it"... One example would be being able to place lights in areas that realistically should be able to be placed but currently cannot because for some reason a light block takes the space of a huge area.
Korvatus 28/09/17 15:46
If you have been following Rexar on twitch he said that the compound blocks in ME are just exploring a glitch in the game and causes many heartaches for that team. A way around this is get rid of the separate grid system and just have the large grid blocks just be blocks that are bigger. For instance, one large grid block is 2.5m x 2.5m x2.5m or 5 small blocks x5 small blocks x 5 small blocks. So if they made it so you could place small blocks on large blocks just by removing the sperate grid system you could have compound blocks. Blocks like interior walls, catwalks, and other large grid exclusive large grid blocks would retain their original dimension but blocks like interior lights (which makes no sense to take up a whole 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m cube) would reduced down to the small grid variant. This would also reduce the amount of block variants in the game library and possibly cause less performance demands.
DaishoChikara 28/09/17 15:51
@Korvatus That sounds amazing! I REALLY hope they do that...
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:47
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
malwaredev 02/10/17 07:45
@Korvatus, no, sorry. It would _increase_ performance demands, since they could no longer easily discard unneeded polygons in the armor. Making that would make that algorithm _a lot_ slower.
Darksunrise957 02/10/17 08:13
Yeah, performance would tank also due to the finer precision calculations it takes for physics simulation. Since each large block is 5x5x5 small blocks in dimensions, one large block converted to small blocks would be 125 times as many blocks. That's a heck of a lot more calculations for physics, rendering, multiplayer data, etc.
andreykl 02/10/17 22:01
Ability to place small blocks onto large blocks will be much better then compound blocks. After all what why not? In real life it is entirely possible to weld a bike to a space shuttle, what prevents us from welding small iron armor to bigger iron armor? P.S. Some limitations probably will have to be placed as to not to make a mess of small+large blocks grids.
forcedminer 05/10/17 16:00
since its suppose to be very difficult it should be limited to just station blocks. if a station is turned into a ship they should ether disappear or......worse....become detached
forcedminer 05/10/17 16:00
since its suppose to be very difficult it should be limited to just station blocks. if a station is turned into a ship they should ether disappear or......worse....become detached
Krienas 06/10/17 07:23
@forcedminer that sounds just wrong :) I doubt we need more reasons for blocks flying around. I also doubt there will be lots of people finding such behavior as a feature. And in general, large grid is already a hack or, maybe, "cheat" could be a better word here. To keep cheating to overcome limitations of cheat, how far do we need to go that road to realize that it leads nowhere? That is my main reason why I tend to ignore all cheaty suggestions how to push through OP's suggestion. Cheats are OK for short term, but when short term goals are reached they should burn with fire on the first opportunity to do it right. Yes, we have problems with performance with "small grids gone large", but it doesn't mean it is OK, that it has to stay that way or that it is unsolvable. Industry already has solutions and if you want to have it you either think about it from very beginning (sadly not a case for SE) or get your hands dirty and make it right later on. I see large grid as run away from problem and it had worked well quite for while already. I badly want solution for compound blocks or efficient small grids. And I also believe Keen should keep working on performance until they can deliver that in multiplayer, but it does not mean it must fit in final release of SE1. It may mean significant rewriting of parts of engine, so for me it would sound OK if this was postponed and became one of key topics of SE2.
QuixoticMix 20/10/17 22:32
Please help support my "Half block amor extension" idea. Thanks to Keen we now have half armor blocks!!! Why stop there? Add even more! I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
malwaredev 23/10/17 07:40
This, along with fluids, are features they have _clearly_ and _repeatedly_ stated that they _will not do_. No amounts of votes are likely to change that because they already know the community very much wants these things.
malwaredev 23/10/17 07:42
Meaning, you guys are better off moving your votes to something that actually has a chance ;)
Krienas 23/10/17 12:49
For SE1 it makes sense to skip this as they have plenty of stuff on their plate already. But I think it is worth keeping it as something we care about in SE2.
Eikester 23/10/17 15:27
so if they know community wants this but they also know they are not going to do it anyway why introduce a feedback/suggestion site? You dont need to ask your customers what they want if you dont want to do it, doesnt make sense
malwaredev 23/10/17 16:50
@Eikester Ah, yes, of course, because obviously these two suggestions are _the only_ suggestions anyone could _ever_ think of... Come on now.
AutoMcD 24/10/17 16:24
Don’t lose hope! The votes count! Squabbling about if it’s technically possible or not does not help. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The most requested thing atm is a ladder, which was already in game a long time ago and currently mod versions exist. If doing this means a unified grid size or some other compromise, I’m prepared to accept that. The votes are the biggest way to show where our priorities lie.
Cirtex 26/10/17 18:38
ya, like say you want to place a window and a chair in the same place. if you wanna do that you have to have this large, awkward space between the window and chair. And speaking of windows, it would help to create sealed environments, like external glass hallways connecting two facilities.
Cirtex 26/10/17 18:38
ya, like say you want to place a window and a chair in the same place. if you wanna do that you have to have this large, awkward space between the window and chair. And speaking of windows, it would help to create sealed environments, like external glass hallways connecting two facilities.
Dezuel 07/12/17 14:12
I wonder if perhaps instead of focusing on compound blocks, that they would be better off focusing on having a single grid with variable block sizes. For example
UncleCletus 07/12/17 20:19
This would be amazing, specifically with glass, the new half blocks, and placing seats near windows, or sloped walls. So many new building possibilities if you could do this
andreykl 30/12/17 12:11
Compound probably can 'save the day' for designers and regular players (at least ability to place multiple lights in same block looks promising), but I think it will be better to remove distinction between small and large blocks: instead of making compound blocks, just place small ones where you need them. I really don't get why we have distinction between small and large blocks - would have been awesome to place small blocks onto large once (obviously with limitation, like, no connecting large blocks through small ones) P.S. I think it works that way in Stationers, so you can place a lot of equipment into single blocks, but they also have compound blocks - ability to place pipes and wires into blocks and ability to cross pipes with wires.
Mater 02/01/18 14:44
As some people said it, Window blocks need this update desperately. They take a lot of place. I would be pretty happy if I could place multiple glass layers next to each other. Actually it would make a 10 layer window possible in just a 5x5x5 (Big grid block) area (I would reconsider using window blocks in a realistic fight ship). It is really unsafe nowadays to just build windows in an airtight ship. Also window blocks could be a thing on small ships using the same 1x5x5 hitboxes.
jaunetajabe 27/02/18 23:15
At least for small blocks like lights and buttons
McVoy2 01/03/18 10:14
I think this is the most necessary improvement. It can solve many other problems with the game, like LCD's in cockpits. Such an improvement can give us an infinite opportunity to compose different types of blocks with each other. KSH could officially add LCD's in cockpits to the game. It would also be possible to build more compact ship interiors, by positioning the seats directly next to windows, lamps, displays, etc.
Doomedperson 17/07/18 20:40
Would be amazing. Probably hard to code, but would allow tons more decorations on the insides of ships, and would go hand in hand with ladders + passageways. +3