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Component grading and ingame currency
Money and blueprints !!!,.. Basicly idea of mine is to have neutral stations to which you connect and simply drop what ever reasource you want to sell in the connector and get paid !!! On the stationis are also some kind of terminal/s where you can buy weapon/tool blueprints or actual stuff ( handheld and also better versions of any block), like better big block welder or small block grinder, etc., and maybe even real blueprints from workshop,.. more like scripts and such then random ships, actualy anything random would be, no good,.. just cargo ships and derelicts as far as ships go would be just right (ofc if you are willing to hand pick,..fine by me). Also, it would be cool if value of goods would vary so i can be space trucker I always have been striving to become,.. limited offers, so i dont just go from same one station to another till the end of time but explore for other trading routes and special offers (ofc special = time limited offers or time limited and better value) on goods and blueprints

Morty shared this idea 14/09/17 21:32