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Command & Control Block
In PvP we need some kind of block that will put limits on how large a ship we can build. This block need to limit the number of thruster, turrets, reactor, fixed weapons, gyroscopes, jump drives etc... that can be placed on a ship. But this block also need to be expandable, so for example a basic Command & Control block will handle 2 turrets, if I want more I have to buy a fire control module which will expand my turrets count by 2 , allow me 4 turrets. Another module could be structural integrity, a basic C&C Block might only allow you to build a 100 block ship, what more blocks you need a structural integrity module. I feel adding either a block or system that requires player to pay resources for upgrade and extra capabilities would greatly help multiplayer.

HighGround shared this idea 16/09/17 06:47
FullSized 03/10/17 08:38
Such a horrible Idea he didn't even vote on it himself. This idea doesn't work at all. Go look at Emyrion. They tried it there. Now with the weapon limits even with very low limits on block counts people effortlessly make ships that are basically solid steel. Two capital ships can easily pound on each other and point blank range for a hour with neither ship being disabled. Meanwhile each ship can just jump drive out any time they want. Limiting weapon count alone was the absolute worst thing they ever did in that game and has all but completely destroyed pvp. Their attempts to balance it by reducing other block limits has only made the same situation much worse. Now the only pvp that happens is old players smashing noobs. Any even remotely established players are at an automatic stalemate where neither can seriously damage the other or prevent them simply jumping out.