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Combat System Overhaul
I would like to see a combat system overhaul. The current mechanics for the acquisition and destruction of components on board ships is a little too simple. Targeting everything with computers can create some issues especially if the goal of the offense is to capture the ship to re purpose and/or refit it. Current thoughts: Make ships use antennas that can detect computers through some sort of wireless signal ( however you can work it into the lore). Add more options for targeting specific blocks on ships first ( priority: ie target weapons before anything else) More weapon choices, Mods currently do an amazing job of this but it would be nice to see more in vanilla that aren't as bulky as a 3x3x3 simple turret. Heavier artillery/cannons would be nice to have as well. This can also tie into my earlier post about giving beacons a purpose. (

TheAmazingTaco shared this idea 22/08/17 23:13
Phoenix84 22/08/17 23:53
There would be a nice way to allow customization of the turret AI: Make the targeting system work using events, like the resource system. For example, I can subscribe to an event "CanTargetEntity", which would take an Func like RequiredPowerInput in ResourceSink. Every time the turret needs to acquire a target, it would call the handler, passing the entity to check. It would then tell the turret AI if it is a valid target. This could be used by mods to control what the turret can target. Another event I might think about is "PrepareTargetPriorities" which would pass a list of all possible targets to the handler, which could then to additional stuff, such as sort the list in a specific order (such as weapons before thrusters), or indicate if it should just damage an entity, or destroy it completely. After both events, the turret fires at the first item in the list, until it is destroyed/damaged, then moves on. I believe this would add a huge degree of customization options to mods.