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"collected" skin crates dont despawn
Ive noticed in my SP world that all of the crates any i have interacted with have stayed in game and have not despawned this has causes sim speed drops im just glad i can easily remove them with space master

snowraider8 shared this idea 20/08/17 03:45
Krypt 21/08/17 21:58 flag comment
On my observation they actually despawns, but only if player is nearby.
Aragath 22/08/17 11:34 flag comment
is it possible you "changed" anything of the blueprint? grinding parts down or adding parts to the pods can cause them to stay.
mikrogen 25/08/17 11:28 flag comment
Completed in 1.183.1
jandraelune 05/09/17 23:14 flag comment
In my SP world I have had to remove all of them with Space Master. No matter how much time they were left or times rejoined the world they would remain until manually removed.