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Cockpits-Toolsbars not retaining link to blocks when built from a blueprint.
The current scheme for linking toolbars to actions still isn't effective. Cockpits, Flight Seats, Button Panels, Sensors, Timers, Airvents all use toolbars. Setting up and programming toolbars with actions, programmable block "run" commands with custom arguments, is very time consuming. It's often VERY important for these to work properly in order for the ship being built in survival to work properly. I would like to see the linkage between toolbars and blocks be improved. I understand there's a dilemma between establishing a link between a block that doesn't exist in the game world and a toolbar that does. Perhaps if the custom names were also stored in section of the in as well as the BlockEntityID. If the search for the B.E.D. fails, a manual search using the custom name would be an acceptable solution. When editing toolbars, a general button that states "Attempt Button Relink" would be available. Pressing that button would initiate a search for a block with a matching custom name and a check to see if the action is valid. If more than one block matches the criteria, the first in the List would be used. This would repeat for every missing entry on the toolbar. There would also be a global relink button found in the INFO section of the terminal menu (the same place you can change a grid name). Pressing this button would perform the search for all toolbar blocks that have missing entries. While using the custom name doesn't guarantee success, especially if the custom name has been changed or there is more than one entry with the same name, it would certainly improve the satisfaction level when building a ship via a blueprint in Survival Mode. With up to 81 entries to re-enter by hand, it's very time consuming. With every block that can possibly be affected, sometimes critical features may not work unless every toolbar is inspected.

Ronin1973 shared this idea 01/01/18 00:28