Space Engineers Feedback

Cockpit Seat Yes / Cockpit Block No
Instead a giant block of cockpit, we need only the seat with a small bound box. We are builders before anything. I do not think players like to be stuck with 2 block options, so why not let us build our cockpits with we need instead highly depend of Devs and Modders.

Saberwulfy shared this idea 28/08/17 23:52
SevenSins 29/08/17 22:23
Well... just use the "Control Station", "Flight Seat" or "Passanger Seat + Remote Control" then. I don't quite get what your suggestion is. Could you explain more detailed please?
Hellothere 30/08/17 02:26
@SevenSins I think he means on small grids. Honestly it would be great to have a vanilla dedicated open control seat for small grids.
Saberwulfy 30/08/17 21:46
@SevenSins I'm talking about cockpit blocks be useless and seats have a big build box. Seats can have a "ship control" option, and cockpits can be parts for we build. The advantage is to build your cockpit around the seat with customized LCDs nÂș, customized shape, customized windows... , and modders will can offer any of this parts customized. So instead your ice cream have (chocolate, or peanut, or strawberry) , your ice cream can have (double chocolate + triple peanut + 1/4 strawberry)