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Closure of Feedback Items and Return of Votes
On this feedback site are... well, a lot of posts. There are those that are Completed, Planned, Started, and Considered. The Considered list contains every idea posted since this Feedback started. Some of the most early posts still have my votes on them. KSH - Please go thru the considered ideas and close out the considered ideas that are not going to be implemented. However, before you just close them, Tell us why the idea isn't being used, etc. And not just some canned response either. I know there are a lot of ideas, and closing/archiving/etc will take some time, but I for one, I am not removing my votes from those early ideas until KSH actually addresses it. That's what Feedback is all about. Sorry if this comes of Demanding or Hostile... though I could send assail you with Lego Assailants :D

tehroommate shared this idea 11/02/18 04:26
mikrogen 26/02/18 10:42
Hello, it is about that interesting ideas go up, the rest stays on down and we dont need to do anything with them, even not close. Anyway, we plan some improvements.
antokamire 27/02/18 16:11
well if I would get back some of my points i could actually vote on other things I want in the game which i have not been able to vote on. most of the top voted things are the things I voted for because I just want them in the game.
DyingDarkStar 01/03/18 19:02
on this site there needs to be more communication i would love it if keen would address some posts like they can't at the time or wont or unable etc instead hoping that the idea will be seen and implement like just a simple "sorry we cant do that" would be great
tehroommate 13/04/18 22:06
@mikrogen I hope those improvements are coming along, 19 votes still hanging out on ideas that I fully support. The only option at present is to delete my vote and therefore remove my support from the idea, which is kinda shady to me (referring to me feeling shady for doing so). Might I suggest the KSH actually do a close out process and refund votes, but keep in the logs the votes as well as in our own logs. While its not ideal, it is a compromise to what you said.