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Click and Drag - Specify Amount of Components in Assembler
Like you can right click and drag between cargo containers and then type in the amount you with to move, id like the feature to be added to the assembler so you can specify how many of each component to make. Rather than have to increase by 10, 100 or 1000 which can be annoying if you need to make something like 100,000

aleliabro shared this idea 09/10/17 15:11
Sagi 10/10/17 08:47
Uou already have this if u click and drag with your right mouse button. Or it was with holding shift
aleliabro 10/10/17 13:57
Well you have the Shift, Ctrl, Shift+Ctrl for 10, 100,1000 but nothing to specify the exact amount you want with one click.
BasicInfantry 10/10/17 22:07
Just right click and drag... then enter the amount you want to move... been a feature forever ;)
aleliabro 11/10/17 00:39
BasicInfantry, you cant in the assembler which is what i was talking about.