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Classes, suits, or jetpacks.
Survival. Currently we cannot survive if we lose a starting ship. A small in suit and VERY slow production cycle that can refine small amounts of elements over time and produce a few parts needed to get back on your feet. Reduced mobility. Increased energy consumption. Pilot. Increased speed by a small percentage. Increased maneuverability +20% to gyro response. Increase thruster performance. No jetpack. Just a parachute. Engineer. Building cost reductions. Building speed increased. Weight reduction. Jetpack fuel consumption decreased unless weight is at max. Combat specialist. Increase fire rate. Increased damage. Applies to turret that player controls. In small ship current weapon being fired. Jet pack x2 as powerful. Explorer. Increased antenna. Increased discoverability of finding suits(1-5%). Decrease fuel consumption. Miner. Increased weight capacity. Increased ore collection. (RMB collect ore same as standard LMB and uses same size voxel destruction as standard RMB. LMB collects x2 ore.). Increased carrying weight. Increased light distance. Use a special suit skin to apply these modifiers. Use AOE around the suit to make it work when in a ship also. Could just be a tool upgrade. Could be an expansion piece. Could apply to a jetpack skin. Just an idea. Can be implemented in a variety of ways.

ThePimpness shared this idea 17/08/17 21:58
CTDragon 17/08/17 22:28
Maybe instead of classes, craftable gear that can be equipped to perform the same functions and maybe not all of them can be equipped at once so you have to choose as you go?
ThePimpness 17/08/17 23:45
@ctdragon Definitely only 1 at a time. That way you have to choose your perk\weakness', no god mode allowed.