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Checkboxes in Inventory menu
It would be awesome if you add option in Terminal under "Inventory menu" to select what inventories do you want to see at that moment. For instance, a player can choose via checkboxes (or some other way) to see inventories of only small cargo containers and refineries, or only inventories of assemblers, cockpits, and oxygen generators, etc. I know that right now there is option to show only certain categories of inventories like "storage inventories", "system inventories" and "energy inventories", but i believe that it can go much more in depth than what we have right now. It would allow easier and faster inventory management.

Haloden shared this idea 25/09/17 20:52
Charger 05/10/17 15:41
I think current inventory's interface is unusable. This suggestion can make it more user-friendly. But I would add that selected filters and scroll bar positions should be saved when I close interface and open it again.