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Check and fix the normal format for some voxel textures that are currently Direct X.
In working on a tutorial, I realized that the EarthStone_ng file and the Far versions for this voxel texture are in Direct X format rather than OpenGL. I know this isn't the case for all of the textures, but I don't know how many more have this issue. Each voxel texture should be checked and fixed. To check: Put the normal for the file in a program like Substance Designer as an image (which is what I was doing when I found out). Make sure the default normal format for the program is OpenGL. Use a Convert To Height process on the image. Convert the height back to an OpenGL normal. If the original normal is OpenGL, the result of this process should be a similar image. If the result isn't similar, then the original is a Direct X normal.

entspeak shared this idea 17/11/17 04:55
filcon 17/11/17 09:52
I don't get this. Our engine is DX11 engine. Why would we need OpenGL texture format?