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Character free rotation and push movement in zero G without the Jetpack
Allow the character to rotate in every direction when the Jetpack is off. Right now it only can Roll and Yaw, but you forgot to add the Pitch. Also, allow the character to impulse, push yourself using close objects maybe. For a few examples, you can take a look at Take on Mars, and Hellion, zero g mechanics.

Spets shared this idea 03/11/17 22:40
forcedminer 08/11/17 16:02
*Evil Grin* wouldn't be able to rotate yourself in any direction while in space. unless the engineer has a gyroscope in his awesome space suit he'll have literally nothing to touch off or push against to rotate himself while freely moving in space. . but yeah there has been times I wanted to freely rotate without the use of the jetpack...i usually just disable jetpack dampers so i can rotate without using fuel.
Spets 08/11/17 18:01
@forcedminer yes, you can... realistically
forcedminer 08/11/17 22:56
how though? if theres nothing to grab onto and you're freely floating though space how can it be done Spets? :(
Spets 08/11/17 23:22
@forcedminer I saw a video, or an explanation from a real astronaut or something. Just moving your legs and waist or something. Maybe it was from the ISS, can't find the video, source.
Spets 08/11/17 23:25
found it
forcedminer 09/11/17 14:34
wow thats amazing ! thanks for showing me that Spets. I only figured since we had to physically push against something to move in space the same would apply to rotating.