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Cargo Drops Not Spawning
Hello Devs As the title suggests, for some reasons since early this week, i'm not seeing cargo drops poping up anymore, even after a few hours of gameplay and i'm not certain why. I remember getting some last weekend. I tried a few things, such as restarting the game, un-checking the unknown signal, reloading the savegame, rechecking that same option then reloading. No luck. Can it be just me, or a bug, or i'm not understanding how the drops now works? (Like, you get x many drops per week, and then wont get anything untill next week since it's a steam item?). I'm also not certain if i'm the only one with this issue, i tried gogling it, but didnt get much results since that feature is quite recent. Anyways, let me know what you guys think :) Thank you much!

madmax411 shared this idea 26/08/17 17:19
Kazzad 27/08/17 00:40 flag comment
Same thing to me
BeerBelliedBear 27/08/17 00:52 flag comment
Same here.
madmax411 27/08/17 04:59 flag comment
im not sure what caused it, but i seem to have found a work around to get it back working. I went in one of my backups when the game had saved while there was an "unkown signal" showing in my hud. Without activating it, i switched the creative mode tools ON (i'm admin) then copied that cargo drop, and then pasted it in my main save game, activate the switch, got an item, and that did it. Started working ever since so far.
Wuxian 27/08/17 10:21 flag comment
I can confirm that, I changed the spawn timer values, Still no container drops since 1.183.102.
Silvrwing 29/08/17 15:56 flag comment
I had a similar issue, in the saved game .sbc file find the "PlayerContainerValue" make sure the activate tag is set to "true". I found that if you save a game with an active box available and then quit, when you return the box will still be there but the activate tag will be set to false. Changing this value started them back up again.
Jerrry 03/09/17 15:09 flag comment
This issue is already fixed. Fix version: minor update (1.183.2)
madmax411 04/09/17 14:54 flag comment
confirmed, thank you so much guys!
Cyrius777 12/04/18 15:57 flag comment
Hi guys, I understand what you guys did, but it only works when you create your own game and make saves every now and then. I have the same issue, but i'm playing on a public server with some friends. I don't see signals, but my friends do. I followed one of them to get to a crate, and opened it. After 2 hours of playing, still no signal for me but they do. I checked, my signals are "all visible" so it can't be this "h" (by default) option. Any thoughts ? I'm admin on the server if needed Thanks,