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Can we get Solid Rocket Boosters
I know that we are well into the beta, and that adding new things at this point would be unorthodox. However we have all seen that Keen is not afraid to add new concepts like parachutes and character customization. So I ask the following question... Can we add Solid Rocket Boosters, and maybe modular ones that we could make longer/shorter depending on what we need.... that would be great! Cheers lk00davd(TheRainbowSnorlax)

lk00david shared this idea 27/08/17 23:02
DaishoChikara 28/08/17 16:50
Yes please! With the option to jettison or not! And with action slots on jettison so that we could trigger parachutes on them on jettison for recovery purposes.
ibubr 28/08/17 19:26
You can do this now with h2 and ice in o2 generators.