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Camera feeds
I know theres a lot of player out there who would agree and disagree with me. But I thank have a love camera feed to an LCD screen would make for some cool and make for some amazing ship/station builds And give more of a realistic feel to the game And would like to see it in an update soon.

Primoak6 shared this idea 17/09/17 20:10
DyingDarkStar 18/09/17 07:04
there is a mod that does this but imo its not that good
Pharap 18/09/17 11:14
The main problem with this is that it would really chew up processing power. The entire scene has to be rendered for every camera. For one or two screens it isn't too much of an issue, but it gets worse and worse with every camera you add.
Whiskey2049 18/09/17 14:50
@Pharap it wouldn't affect performance that much if it only rendered the lcd screens you were looking at
piratep2r 19/09/17 09:24
@DyingDarkStar the live camera feeds has been broken for months (maybe even a year); it was an amazing mod, but I believe KSH changed the "exploit" it used, making it impossible for the author to fix. I, too, would love this functionality (or an even better, more reliable one) in the base game. The live camera feed author showed us it was possible! Viewscreens were so cool!
Pharap 19/09/17 21:01
@Whiskey2049 No, but there would still have to be regulations in place, else you would get people attempting to have 12 different LCDs with camera views going in the same room. Plus it would potentially limit the render settings players could use. Some GPUs would render 4-5 different cameras on high settings just fine, some GPUs would struggle to render two cameras on medium settings and some could render the player's view fine on high settings, but crash and burn when it tries to render a second camera, thus the player would have to use a lower graphics setting to enable LCD camera views to be viable. There's also a memory cost for having that area viewable: you have to keep the things the camera can see in memory as if it were another player, not just the structure data but the textures and models too. It would be possible to effectively force the entire contents of the world to stay in RAM. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying that all eventualities (especially the stupid ones people like doing for fun) have to be considered.
piratep2r 20/09/17 16:23
@pharap did you ever check out the mod that folks are talking about? The author thought of your concern, and allowed users to cap the amount of processing being done by the remote cameras at up to 30% (max) if I recall correctly. FWIW, the mod (when it worked) actually worked in MP as well as SP... my group of friends used to rock a main viewscreen on our ship as we flew around, exporing. It was supremely awesome. There are still tutorial videos on the main mod page even though the mod itself doesn't work; plus examples of it in action (one of them mine, actually). Basically, your concerns are valid, but the author had resolved them for whatever previous version of the game that the mod was built to use. Now, game code changes, so maybe the past solution wouldn't work. But you can read the author's explanation of how he/she anticipated and dealt with the hypothetical situation of having 100 cameras in the mod description itself. Here is the link to the mod, if you are curious about it:
Jogan81 30/10/17 22:34
I would love to have this as a standard in SE. I could build a bridge with a main screen, just like in allmost every sci-fi series/movies. you get my vote.
gauge 29/01/18 22:42
This seems doable but there are a number of complications i can see that could cause large server performance issues. Consider a chain of outposts linked by laser antenna. Having a direct link to another station would allow you to display camera feeds from those outposts outside of view distance. If you have a camera feed from each outputs on your station it would require the server to reveal all of those outputs and any grids in the cameras view to all clients viewing your station. Servers would suffer with extra data transfer and physics calculations from the revealed grids. Clients would suffer from the same issue with the added downside of displaying X number of viewports on top of it. This is something i really want too. as a single player addition it sounds awesome but multiplayer is already crippled in the areas this feature would put pressure on. All i can see is every SE server buckling under the pressure until it is banned.