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~buy this old man a drink as he tells you a story about Half blocks.~ (a suggestion disguised as a 4th wall breaking story <3 )
<{you've docked your ship to a station as it receives refueling along with maintenance. }> <{as you still have a long journey ahead of you, you decide to get a drink to help you sleep.}> ''Greetings fellow traveler, do you have the desire to listen to a rumor filled story for a- uh... fairy slim amount of currency? with a ship such as your's, no doubt you'll notice the purchase.'' <{hesitating at the thought that he might fool or rob you, you still decide to hear him out. }> ''it would be benefit us both for you to just buy me one last drink off the barista's highest shelf, while you may carry my story with you to your ship after it's done with fueling and repairs.'' <{you agree and decide to pay the old man a decade old bottle of Laphroaig he pointed at.}> ''I hear-tell there's been more than just a ''Half-armor block'' approaching from the horizon.'' <{Your brow raises, you correct him there are no horizons to be seen within deep-space. }> ''we might ``possibly`` get a whole armor block expansion revolving the slab and the corners that the original first half-block mod introduced. I want to believe the rumor only because i sincerely hope for it to be truth. The lovely people working on Space engineers are smart & hardworking martyrs as their liaison is bombarded with feedback and such on a daily basis, but their well-acknowledged actions are decided beforehand... by the taller standing monarch(s) in their imposing chain of command; Some of which that are are known to us, and some of which that still remain a mystery to us... They are in charge of what action or direction they are going to dedicate their resources on for the game's foreseeable future, their actions are discussed and debated under heavily guarded sectors that are tightly secure and constantly patrolled by lots of military ships. Obviously they're protecting the Non-Disclosure Agreement, doing it rather well too! <{You refocus the subject and ask the old man what this has to do with Half-block armor. }> ''Ah excuse me for tumbling on there, so the rumor goes that not just a half block will be made, but additional corners as well! meaning rounder ship shapes would be possible even more so than we are allowed to right now! Who knows, maybe those Keen people have enough Clairvoyance in their way developing forward, I'm hoping they see both possible outcomes based on how they would proceed, if they only released the half-block on it's own they'd be shooting themselves in the foot as they'd obviously get everyone raising pitchforks while requesting ''the next obvious step'' which would be the corners that are required to fully utilizing all the possible shapes that a half block bestows to all the ship builders out there, and of course those special folk that make fancier things than just ships alone, Ha ho ho! I might be a delirious old drunk, withering away in this station as i observe all info passing through pilots and captains that pass through every 15 hours. <{You say you're a little overwhelmed by how much a lowly drunk could know so much! }> ''i might have too high hopes; but by all means!, join me in hoping that keen has their hand ready as they plan to lay down their cards.'' <{You remember little of what happened after that as you wake up in your ship's cabin. }> <{As you ask the barista about your ship's maintenance cost, she complains that you left }> <{your half-full bottle of pricey whiskey behind on the table after drinking it all alone... }>

Rivvion shared this idea 12/09/17 23:44
Rivvion 12/09/17 23:46
upping my suggestion game by giving you a lovely story i thought of a few days ago, enjoy and allow me to know what you think! (of either the writing or the suggestion, or both!)
MBishop 15/09/17 13:41
MBishop 15/09/17 13:48
Seriously though, it was a real slog to find what you're asking for. As entertaining as this was, I feel a more succinct suggestion would have more success. Eg like this one: