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Built in control panel/access point for ALL lights!!
Ok it's about time this happened cause it's been freaking long enough. Every single light model in the game should by default have SOME kine of control access. You can't label lights as you are building them and NOBODY builds one light at a time.......NOBODY. Any and all electronics should have an access point of some kind and lights have been a splinter in everyone's fingers . Please! Even if it's just a glowing box like the lcds. It really cant be that hard!

Aikagi000 shared this idea 03/09/17 17:54
gamer1230 05/09/17 22:46
Yes! I would agree. I hate having to either set one room at a time or one light at a time. Then you end up placing one out of order and have to re-adjust or re-build a particular light because you can't find it in the few hundred lights in your control panel on your ship. . . This would solve a lot of problems I have during the latter stages of my build. VOTE +3