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Building Challenges with Leaderboard
Integrate building challenges into the game as sort of a campaign. The objectives could be: - Mine and/or produce a certain type or quantity of items, as fast as possible - Build a ship or vehicle that can serve for a particular purpose (atmospheric entry, hauling, mining, etc.), from as few blocks as possible - Reach from point A to point B as fast as possible by building a ship from given resources - Haul a large grid from point A to point B without damages, using the least amount of resources etc. There could be a limit for completion, e.g. below that the mission is failed. And above that, there could be a leaderboard to facilitate competition between players for the best results.

baratgab shared this idea 30/08/17 14:24
baratgab 30/08/17 14:26
I don't think I can edit, but obviously, the objectives could be combat-based too. :) E.g. destroying/disabling a certain enemy NPC.