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Build Infrastructure
Since the begining of space engineers we have 3 types of building: station, small ship and large ship. What I suggest is a 4th type of building: infrastructure. It would be a build with only one grid (the base grid and no subgrids), and no terminal blocks nor energy. It's only purpose would be to build infrastructure. But why? Because althought you can do it using stations the grid of the stations are always loaded in the game, and if you dont power them they are likely gonna be removed by the garbage collector. The infrastructure builds will be saved like the terrain in the planets and only loaded if the terrain in that place is loaded, which would give the player hability of building infrastructure (roads, rails, scafolding, bridges...) without having to melt their pc in the process.

Needye shared this idea 20/08/17 21:25
antokamire 21/08/17 15:44
This is probally only performance wise and this should be applied to stations and ships in a way that it. is handled like some kind of block by itself and all the data of the ship or station would be happening in an invisible block until someone approaches and it loads everything in it's correct place. they could also make it that those things update every minute or 5 minutes depending on how far away they are from the active person. and just make them calculate how much it has refined and lost if you look at production and such.
KaneCold 19/09/17 13:13