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Build hints
When you place a block, you often have to rotate the block to get an idea, how it is oriented and where is front, back or up and down. On LCD's there is the hint screen, where you can see where is up, and down. This should be the same for other blocks which are hard to place right. For example the right orientation of a projector is really a pain. It looks the same on almost all sides and so you always have to play around with the settings. Similar with suspensions (I think everybody at least once set them the wrong way around) or remote control blocks or even cockpits. Even on armor slopes a small hint where the slope is currently would help alot. And windows sometimes are even hard to see where they are at the moment. So a small indication graphic like on the LC displays would help.

LvlLord shared this idea 11/09/17 23:22
LvlLord 24/09/17 08:09
Also a key to orient it forward up into your direction would help.