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Bugs and wolfs
Ok this is my idea for the spider's and wolf's what about having an Alpha spider and wolf this NPC will be bigger than the others like for the spider alpha it is black and red and can fire some shots from a distance but only when the player can be seen. for the alpha wolf will be like more of a white wolf it will walk around the planet and on seeing the player calls for back up and to tell the player that an Alpha is near by there be a text saying (warning alpha spider or wolf detected)

pd123sonic shared this idea 14/09/17 22:05
BombMarley114 15/09/17 02:12
Yeah a variation in enemies would be nice, maybe biome based enemies. Like you could have a dessert wolf that runs faster etc.
pd123sonic 15/09/17 09:35
or there are hives underground full of spiders and an alpha protection like a giant source of resources that could speed up building.