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Bug for New Small Ships (acts like it is connected to a grid when it is not)
Issue happens on most dedicated servers I play on. It happens with newly built ships (normally after a server reboot). It's like the server doesn't recognize that ship completely yet. When you connect and try to disconnect, it's like you're attached to the station with an elastic band. Anyway, to fix we usually wait for another reboot or have one of our server admins cut/paste the ships back where they were and the issue goes away for good. It may be that a merge block with another ship followed by a deletion of said merge block fixes it as well. Another issue the fix above fixes is when you weld a ship from projection on a welder wall/bed and you can't access reactor inventory. The are pretty rough bugs on any hardcore/survival server, please find a fix ASAP. -spinney

spinney shared this idea 27/09/17 06:39