Space Engineers Feedback

Bring back the quotes to the load screen.
I miss the quotes that were in the load screens. I do enjoy the tips in the load screens but may be they could alternate between tops and quotes. As for that backgrounds just use screenshots from the community. This should be a relatively easy adjustment.

Korvatus shared this idea 19/09/17 22:41
Absolarix 21/09/17 00:52
I like how this is marked as "Planned" but it's already complete.
susu 26/09/17 11:42
+1, it's done, I've seen quotes since the last (two?) update.
Korvatus 28/09/17 15:35
I just noticed it my self. I took a two week break from SE and I guess that's when they implemented this. Lol
FoolishOwl 06/11/17 22:10
Part of the suggestion is about new screenshots as backgrounds, so maybe it's "planned" in that they've just wrapped up a screenshot contest and plan to add those new screenshots.