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i know alot of people dint use it but for the people who did they used it alot and it was helpful :/ i miss it and ant it back #BRINGBACKF12

ronin shared this idea 15/09/17 00:21
mikrogen 15/09/17 13:07
This was a debug feature, there is a lot of sliders and dangerous parameters which can often cause a crash of the game. This is causing a lot of frustration to some portion of players. Let us know what specific features/settings from F12 you want bring back and we consider adding them into Settings.
ronin 16/09/17 17:04
oh ok well what i really miss from f12 is .controlling the sun .changing lighting/for and planet atmosphere .and the ability to make cut screens . and being able to pause time while still being able to fly around
ronin 16/09/17 17:05
Pharap 18/09/17 11:27
Personally I'm glad it's gone, I've finally got my screenshot button back. It can always be mapped to some other button if need be.
ronin 21/09/17 00:02
yes but you could of always changed the button your reasoning makes no scence
mikrogen 21/09/17 13:37
There is also another option now - if you really want to use debugging features for playing with settings, download ModSDK and there is SE version with enabled profiler. This version has also enabled F12 debugging.
NikolasMarch 21/09/17 14:38
the atmospheric lighting settings for planet modders, thats a safe thing isnt it? but the sun rotation setting is probably the best and maybe should be the first one to be added to Space Master :)
ronin 22/09/17 02:10
ok well tnx alot guys :D always bring a smile to my face :p just saw it was completed :D :) so happy tnx again :P.
neo2510 23/09/17 12:46
Completed? is F12 working for someone?
ronin 23/09/17 13:56
wait how do i get to the f12 screen now tho?
Spets 27/09/17 22:51
sry, but I don't consider this as Completed...
Pharap 27/09/17 23:26
@neo2510, @ronin, @Spets: mikrogen has already said how this has been implemented: "There is also another option now - if you really want to use debugging features for playing with settings, download ModSDK and there is SE version with enabled profiler. This version has also enabled F12 debugging." In other words if you don't already have the Mod SDK installed follow the steps outlined here: Then find and run: Steam\SteamApps\common\SpaceEngineersModSDK\Bin64_Profile\SpaceEngineers.exe
Rity 28/09/17 04:07
This really isn't completed, as much as it is specifically never going to be done. As someone who makes youtube/screenshots/scenarios alot of the features came in handy, specifically moving the sun at will. transferring a save to the other version of SE, loading the map, fixing the lighting, then transferring it back so I can use the map in normal SE REALLY isnt a solution imho.
neo2510 28/09/17 11:41
I used F12 mostly for the "time of day" slider, maybe you could just add this feature to vanilla game in conjunction with other sliders ppl mostly use. ModSDK isn't the same, it's messy, i tried to make it work and it's giving an error, honestly i don't want to break my head with another piece of software just for that slider.
Pharap 28/09/17 16:06
@neo2510 I've looked into it. The crash is because the exe can't find "/Textures/GUI/MouseCursorHW.png". I've brought this issue up on the forums: @Rity I'm pretty sure you don't have to 'transfer' saves, the ModSDK executable is basically the same as the regular SpaceEngineers with a few extra features, so it should look in the same place for your saves: AppData/Roaming/SpaceEngineers/Saves When it's working it should just be a case of running it and using it like normal Space Engineers.
megapro 30/09/17 16:03
Other than sun rotation another feature from the F12 menu that should stay accessable for everyone is the ability to see the hitboxes of the blocks and range of drills/welders. This was very helpfull especially for modded blocks that sometimes had weird hitboxes that didn't match 1:1 with the visual model.
TheDeinonychus 01/10/17 01:18
The debug menu was just too useful a tool for people who do machinima or who want to make professional looking screenshots for it to just be completely removed. I understand that some of the settings could cause issues for general players, though. Honestly, it would be better to isolate which settings would likely cause crashes and lockups, and hide them away behind a more complex keybind (such as Alt+Shift+F12) so that general players are unlikely to stumble upon it accidentally, yet developers and testers would still have access to them. Meanwhile, the more benign functions (sun position, freeze time, wireframe, etc.) would still be available under the normal debug menu. And yes, the ability to rebind it to a different key should be available.
FoolishOwl 01/11/17 20:46
I wasn't aware of the F12 debug menu when it was available, so I'm not sure what features I'd want back. But, I have occasionally found it frustrating when I try to position things, like solar panels, aligned to the path the sun travels; being able to move the sun around would have been one way to help with that.