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Bring atmospheric drag and re-entry damage into official build.
its expstend as a mod and i was honestly suprised when it wasnt apart of planets and isnt apart months after there release. not asking for anything complicated and thusly potentially buggy and laggy. but a VERY simple drag calcualtion systema dn rentry damage and effects system liek seena in so many current bug free and stable mods out there in the workshop. just grab the surface area of each 'face' of a ship while its being built on to be used when its not (cube based game each ship has 6 sides right?) reduce drag values for angled blocks on each face and such. run the drag of each 'face' through a % based effect depending on its angle to its vector. run this current drag by how dense the atmosphere is and have this 'drag' act like a thruster in the other direction. if 'drag' exceeds a certain number based off the surface area of the ship (calculated off all 6 sides as earlier) start damaging the blocks on the nose first with thruster damage (so some blocks act as a heat shield). there are many ways a 'front' of the ship could be calculated off of vector however as i cannot say which one would be the best. i would go into the endless amount of possibilities and improvements this provides however thats for a forum post not an 'idea'. but one could understand wiht a bit of thinking why i was surprised this wasn't in the game long ago.

Soultechnology shared this idea 08/09/17 23:18
KaneCold 19/09/17 13:05
While we are at it :) there are alot of suggestions for Heat and radiation ... why not make everything together so we can blow up our ships more easily? out of votes ... need to leave a like ... +Like