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booie bar
mk.. I am a MAJOR disco hound who plays with other disco loving players. se is great and all but we would love to have an addition or 9 to optimize our experience. 1. disco soundtracks for the sound block 2. dance floor blocks that light up'n shift to random colours 3. disco ball to go with the floor 4. boogie health bar. 5. rollerskates ------------------------------ item #1 explanation ------------------------------ simple disco music to fill the boogie bar via listening. slow fill rate <-- meant to make small ships survivable long term. ------------------------------ item 2 explanation ------------------------------ large grid block to amplify the disco atmosphere. adds a multiplier the sound blocks absorption rate ------------------------------ item 3 explanation ------------------------------ makes the boogie bar, when used with all of the above TURBO fill. ------------------------------ item 4 explanation ------------------------------ If full it the player has motivation to continue living. If empty the player gets a brief time to boogie the bar back up or die if left empty. ------------------------------ item 5 explanation ------------------------------ these when used in concert with the ball, floor and sound block provide the maximal refill rate AND allow the player to skate around to get places faster. In summary, we would welcome the challenge to build massive objects in se AND have fill our players hearts with our love of disco.

daspablo shared this idea 17/10/17 05:44