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Body location
Can we have an "emergency beacon" on our back pack location? It's really annoying losing tools and other "expensive items" because i randomly got launched into the air and thus killed on impact, resulting in my body bouncing but the body location being wrong and the backpack often being much further away. if the suit still had energy on impact why can't it just continue sending a signal so that you can track it down within it's normal broadcasting range?

Taliseth shared this idea 27/08/17 02:21
Tpheonix 15/09/17 00:59
there is already a system for this, when you die, there is a gps marker created that is where your body was when you died, if you cant track down your stuff after that, well... thats just like the real world man
Taliseth 15/09/17 19:39
I am aware of the gps marker, but if you fly at 10km and got shot down or something happens it's likely you get killed at 10km your gps marker would then be 10km. falling down then would create rather large cone of potential locations your body fell down. I understand what you say, however upon "death" your backpack/suit would not suddenly loose all it's power, so should be able to remain visible like a black box on an airplane for a short amount of time.. As mentioned I've also sometimes got launched for no reason into the sky when i was welding something up, etc.