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Blunt force trauma blocks
What I mean is a block made to withstain a lot more impact damage than heavy or light armored blocks What I want for this is like for rovers, cause rovers are very weak and fragile to blunt force trauma from the ground (even though they are CARS THAT TOUGH AND INTERACT WITH SOILD GROUND) Also it could be used for anti raming ships that everyone hates.... but still does It would have to be more expensive black than heavy but weigh in between heavy and light I think it would make rovers feal easier to make and drive cause anything that's a large ship rover is gone if comes into contact with a rock

Prebz111 shared this idea 18/09/17 02:55
rum 26/09/17 01:25
i dont think we need another block but rather increase the health on blocks
Prebz111 28/09/17 02:47
Well I don't want that cause that will effect combat, I want maybe like a new block or existenting block and make a new type of resident that gives a block to block damage resident cause rover/cars need something like that