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Block selection bug is back
Seem the block selection bug is back. For me it was almost not possible to grind down the right blocks ... Also when I tried to grind down a straight line of small blocks, I ground down blocks which weren't even visible ...

LvlLord shared this idea 18/09/17 20:10
LvlLord 18/09/17 20:17
Edit: A save reload did not fix this. But a game reload fixed it ... I was in game for about an hour when I recognised it has started. Version 1.184.006
Cohors 22/09/17 01:42
It seems like small small grid hydrogen thrusters are the worst offenders for me, never can seem to grind or delete them and always end up removing everything around them. Usually have to reload after a while when working on small grids in general due to never being able to weld or grind appropriate blocks.
SuicideNeil 31/01/18 04:09
I have the same issues in Creative mode- I simply can't delete certain blocks even though the cross hair is centred on them; thrusters and other objects that don't fill a complete 'cube' volume are the worst offenders..