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Block Editor
So I saw the last update summary from 14.09 just a moment ago and was point to this side, while also shown the new half block. This is actually something that bothers me for quit some time with games like SpaceEngineers: while you have a lot of freedom to build and let your creativity run free, you're stuck with the limit shapes and models of the editor. Sometimes you want to make some corner a bit special ... you turn right ... you turn left ... you turn everything upside down ... only do realize that there are parts you can't make right because the game doesn't have the blocks for it. The Idea i have in mind is, that you give the player an simple editor where he can chose the basic size of the new Block (1x1 2x1 1x1x3) and then use some anchor-points along the edge to shape the block to your liking ... (like you could do in photoshop or paint). When you are happy with the outcome you can save it and get a new block in the editor to be used. I mean there is a lot of modding support for the game and as many new blocks as well... why not just make it more standardized?

KaneCold shared this idea 19/09/17 12:11
Overwerk 20/09/17 10:25
it could work. it will definitly change the way the building works, and how the engine works. but it has the potential of greatly increasing the variety of shapes you can do. the real question is how hard it will be to implement.