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Block Build Distance from Character not Adjustable in Survival Mode
This is both an "idea" and a feedback on what I feel is an "issue". The Idea: In creative mode, the distance between the block model image (as in, the selected block, before it is actually placed) and the character is adjustable by which then can aid the player in placing the block. In survival mode, this functionality is disabled, and this distance is not adjustable at all (as far as I have discovered). The Issue: In recent attempts at building I have found that large-grid 3x3x3 blocks (like lg hydrogen thrusters, lg hydrogen tanks, lg reactors, and even jump drives and refineries) are extremely difficult to place in survival mode because the character is often inside the placement area of the block. Because the build distance does not appear to be adjustable in survival-mode, there is a very narrow margin between where the block placement "box" is green (aka the block can be placed), and turns red because the character is now within the build-space. In the current state of non-adjustable build distances, I find the building of these large blocks in survival to be both problematic and very frustrating, which takes the fun out of the building aspects, as I can't place blocks easily, and there is no adjustment by which I could remedy the problem. Commentary: I don't understand why this functionality is turned off in survival. It seems both practical and efficient to be able to place blocks in the most flexible way possible. Why remove a helpful functionality from survival-mode play, which is just as applicable and useful as it is in creative mode? Please help me to understand the logic? In summary: Having an adjustable build distance in survival mode, just like is available in creative mode (with ), would be very useful, in my opinion.

KentiBengali shared this idea 18/08/17 02:24
AutoMcD 19/09/17 19:26
+1. I understand that it's well out of welder range, but I don't care. It would be nice to fully see where the block is being placed, and that's just not practical when it's so close to the player. Even in creative I would like more range, although in that case it was very large modded parts, should that matter?