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Biological needs for Engineer
Biological needs: Food, water and radiation all become new survival parameters. Biological needs for the players would add a lot of content to the game and make survival a bit more interesting. Ideas: Food: Harvest food from hydroponics. Engineer farms Water: Create water from melting Ice. Extract water from the atmosphere. Radiation: Reactors need to be sealed off. Being to long in space makes the engineer sick. Handling Uranium becomes dangerous. Pros: +++ More survival content ++ More engineering options + More interesting gameplay + larger fanbase Cons: -- Development time - This may deviate from the original vision of the devs.

Vozze shared this idea 17/08/17 18:31
Brubaker 17/08/17 20:37
I add also temperature, IR camera filter, damage health of extrem weather and limited protecion of your astrounaut suit
Needye 17/08/17 21:11
This also brings a way to put realistic drops in wolfes (make them give us food) us I pointed in my suggestion, but also could be usefull reintroduce with this the multiple suits idea that Keen spoke about years ago.
Scya 19/08/17 12:05
I'll add only temperature because it's only one i'm missing in SE. Food, water and farming fit much better into ME. In space let us také cere of energy, fuel (hydrogen) and oxygen.
nyankiki 19/08/17 15:15
miner wars had radiation noises and damage if i remember correctly why not ading those to SE, its simple but makes great changes for gameplay
StrangeCalibur 21/08/17 03:58
I think enviromental hazards like radiation around planets or reactors that have just exploded (maybe requires a suit upgrade) but most of what you said would just be game ruining. We already have enough bars to keep full and you fill them all in the same place......
nyankiki 21/08/17 22:40
As Brubaker said weather would be an amazing feature to have, maybe radioactive storms on alien planets, normal storms on earth and sand stones on mars, snow storms on ice planet, maybe special suit to protect from each kind?
Brigor 24/08/17 12:02
I dont thing that we need biological needs for SE. But I would like to see some food farming mechanic too, maybe for producing some kind of heal-item and for having the farms to fill the empty decks of my large ships and stations.
neo2510 31/08/17 11:03
Im copying a part of my own proposal about this topic: I like the take on mars model for example, where you need water,food and in case you dont have MRE rations you can always eat just potatoes, but then you need to ingest some kind of vitamins to fight the lack of extra nutrients on a vegan diet. -Just mining we could get water and using the same code as for oxygen to calculate the needings and consume of the resource the game won't need too much of coding. -And for food we already have grass ingame, so we could harvest or "mine" that grass for seeds and plant them on the same dirt in the earth/alien planets and hydroponics where there is no athmosphere for example: moons/bases/ships -With the last addition of the drop pods they could contain seeds for other planets where there is no athmosphere. We even have mods with 3d models of food production machines/hydroponics, so we already have the code of the oxygen and the 3d models for the machines, this just need some work for the plants/seeds and harvesting.
neo2510 08/09/17 11:52
Here's another very good example, take a look, specially you "Developers" :P
vantyto 14/09/17 20:18
food/water is MAIN reason, why people build/researche machines
ChrisHiss 14/09/17 21:19
Very good idea to improve game mechanics!
SkywardSoul117 14/09/17 22:59
Radiation and more environmental hazards I would agree with, but I'm hesitant about the food. I don't think water is needed since we already have to use ice for oxygen and hydrogen. Perhaps just having a hydroponics block, like the oxygen farm might be ok, but... I feel that as others have said, it's just another bar to fill. Once you have a couple of hydroponics pods it just becomes a menial task you have to do now and then, and I don't want it to be complicated. I started playing Empyrion recently, and the food mechanics in that are ok, but I feel like they detract from the building / exploration side of things, which I would prefer not to have in SE. I guess I could agree to it if it could be toggled, as with most things in the game. I don't want this to be another generic bar filling survival game though :c I can imagine it would be neat for long space journeys and immersion, but I'm sure that a decent mod will be available for that.
Pharap 14/09/17 23:00
I agree with food and water, that would really heighten the 'survival' aspect, but I'm not so sure about radiation. Damaged reactors leaking radiation makes sense, but I'm not sure about handling uranium (maybe carrying too much uranium or carrying it for too long), having to seal off reactors or just being exposed to space..
Charlat 14/09/17 23:34
I really like the temp and rad level problems as it will make the game a bit harder to survive - but the food idea is a no for me as ME has already covered it. This is an engineering game and I believe keeping away from biological needs such as food and water will bring this game closer to Minecraft or ME then anyone wants.
VAArtemchuk 15/09/17 00:19
As far as i understand (I'm by no means a programmer, but I tried to learn some basics and have a good imagination) it's an easy task. several items (to begin with they only need several objects with minimal textures as objects are rarely seen outside boxes) and a couple of parameters, but it will largely improve survival gameplay and will add more sense to dining rooms in some cool ship designs.
VAArtemchuk 15/09/17 00:23
Also radiation in space is A THING. Afaik, NASA is much more concerned with spacecraft anti-radiation shielding in travel to Mars than with necessary cargo problem. Uranium and reactors are not a big problem in airless environments, but space radiation is. And it is everywhere. Without ozone lair that protects our lovely blue planet everything gets huge doses of star radiation.
AutoMcD 15/09/17 15:17
You forgot the "need to poop" bar that slowly fills up until you visit the bathroom block. :) I like the radiation idea, but it should be possible to make a ship "safe" in space. Like if it's an air-tight area we have to assume it's surrounded on all sides by blocks, good enough to satisfy this parameter. Either that or just use the "direct sunlight" in the same way solar panels do. Direct exposure is radiation, hiding in the shadow of an asteroid can shield you, and of course blocks can block it.
daspablo 17/09/17 00:59
1 sentence come to mind after reading this and it is "I hope this idea dies slowly in a hole."
daspablo 17/09/17 00:59
1 sentence come to mind after reading this and it is "I hope this idea dies slowly in a hole."
Esser2002 19/09/17 15:06
This would also require some less mild consequenses for death.
vantyto 19/09/17 20:08
for people who don't like this 1) almost everything in game is turnable, so don't worry 2) of course game is about engineering, but why engineer something, when there is no point in that (currently there is almost no engineering, yes, you can build spaceships, but you don't need care almost about anything...state of game is currently more like "space desinger" or "space architect") and this game mechanic add more oportunity why to build something (maybe fully working AI would fix this lack of content too)
OfficialFlash 23/09/17 20:12
I think adding biological needs would be good as long as theres an option to disable it of course.
KissSh0t 24/09/17 13:10
Make sun physical entity and let me fly into sun because I want to die by flying into the sun because of reasons.
eberkain 30/09/17 13:54
This is the one thing that would bring me back to SE, a properly implemented needs system to make survival more difficult and give you more things to build inside your ship/base.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:49
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
amrylin1337 01/10/17 20:33
I don't agree that this would 'add content' or make things 'interesting'. This just becomes a chore. Granted, having to design Greenhouses and more life supporting stuff is a good thing, I think part of what makes survival good is always having another project that needs doing. I still don't want hunger in Space Engineers. Maybe if there was some kind of NPC crew management mini game but there never will be.
Udrakan 01/10/17 22:36
This is not something that an engineering sandbox needs. It is crucial for other sandbox survival games, but not for Space Engineers. I would NOT want to see this in vanilla, although I have played and enjoyed the mod for short while.
Udrakan 01/10/17 22:37
This is not something that an engineering sandbox needs. It is crucial for other sandbox survival games, but not for Space Engineers. I would NOT want to see this in vanilla, although I have played and enjoyed the mod for short while.
ReDhorde 02/10/17 16:14
Right now the game has creative mode and creative mode with resource gathering. No survival whatsoever. I don't know if that's the right way to go, but it would be something at least in that lackluster gamemode. Whenever I'm trying to play with my friends they are always giving up after a few days and I can't really blame them, not everyone would be interested in ship building for the sake of ship building. In a crude example like minecraft (i know, i know, but come on, space engineers is something like space minecraft) food added a lot of substance to the survival. Again, don't know if if that's the right thing to add, but if someone watched "The Martian" food management in space can be a very exciting thing in right circumstances. Oh yeah, go support the dynamic weather everyone, that's something we can all agree on I think, and those two are not that far off.
steelphantom67 04/10/17 06:25
should diffidently be an option in advanced don't think I would want permanent though however multiple people have made similar mods so it cant be that hard.
Raytruth 05/10/17 11:27
i don't like the general idea, there is empyrion for that.
mastice 06/10/17 15:29
This, plus the exploration suggestion, are the two most needed elements in the game in my honest opinion. Unless KSWH fleshes out the game more from a survival standpoint then all they have is a fancy sandbox where we build ships. There is no "game" in the game.
GrieferDiamond 12/10/17 20:09
Make space as it is in reality, hostile and unforgiving.
Xagen 13/10/17 10:05
Environmental hazards sound interesting. Not sure about food and water, there are plenty of games with that already, its been done to death. Don't make an eating simulator out of this game.
neo2510 13/10/17 14:02
This game needs new content and new mechanics, and all of you know that it is highly configurable, wich means that this would be an optional feature, enable if you wish.
QuixoticMix 20/10/17 22:32
Please help support my "Half block amor extension" idea. Thanks to Keen we now have half armor blocks!!! Why stop there? Add even more! I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
Cirtex 26/10/17 18:41
I have a massive suggestion for this... it went into great detail. and explanation for possible balancing and the likes. and nobody cared...
voidfish 09/11/17 21:50
Def needs new game mechanics
Mater 06/01/18 11:23
I think what we need is carbon and water needs for the player. I think we souldn't overcomplicate it too much, because we already have life support system which takes some energy. It would do all the jub but it would also need some carbons now. If the suit has hydrogen and oxygen then the water needs wouldn't be an issue anymore as long as the suit takes a little amount of O2 and H2 continuously. The main feature would be the need for carbon. And that would be easily obtained by mining coal (which would be added this way). I don't think it is necessary to implement of need for organic foods. Implementing coal and carbon drops for trees and wolfs is the way to go. Replacing that old "organic" blob thingy.
Azirahael 06/02/18 01:31
I like this idea. But it needs to be an optional setting for those people who don't want to be bothered.
Doomedperson 17/07/18 20:47
+3. This is a great idea for the survival update. It also gives a reason to actually touch planets in servers (need food) and gives pressurized rooms a function (can't eat through a helmet). Making water a thing will be difficult, but I believe that the game will be better for it. Similarly, radiation is also a great idea. You don't get radiation normally on earth, because of the thick atmosphere, and it is the same on the alien planet, but in empty space and the moons (and maybe a bit on mars), you get radiation poisoning. The only thing that I can't figure out is how to cure radiation poisoning. After all, having to run to a medbay every so often gets tiresome, and staying inside the whole time is similarly annoying.