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Biological matter and cloning
Mining or scavenging biological matter could yield a variety of possible biological matter. Combining these in hideous experimental cloning programs could yield: - a sub-system performance upgrade (e.g. a better, bio-based lubricant for Assembler actuators could give a 2% speed bonus), - a potent toxin could be used for chemical warfare or sanitizing the galley. - genetic discoveries could be made allowing a certain manipulation of the spider-wolf hybrid you're currently working on. - a toxin is found to make workers docile, use it on your team of neanderthal mining-slaves to boost productivity 4%.

spacecadet shared this idea 25/08/17 08:35
Cetric 25/08/17 11:58
Huh, you have dark fantasies about your 'biological matter'. Let's add something positive: biological matter could be found and collected on worlds visited and the astronaut would have a lab block where to analyse the materials and do experiments. Would result, to some extent, in breeding of plants he could build farms in his station or ship with (in blocks similar to the oxygen farm, maybe larger as to bring space greenhouses into existence - see film 'silent running' (1972) for inspiration). Growing edible plants adds nicely to another idea here in the feedback collection, which is about hunger and thirst needs for the astronaut.
TAMT145 25/08/17 16:21
id say it will work and you could make a virus that turns you into a zombie or somethin