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Better ore placement
this is a big problem in survival and i would liek it to change :/ my idea is instead of having big spots of ores everywhere and having almost every ore everywhere we can have it liek this .less ores on planets .for "rare" ores to really be rare and for there to be very little of it in the world so when you do find it in an area it can bring attention. asteroids to not contain gold or silver in real life asteroids dont have this. .tell me what you guys think :D

ronin shared this idea 28/09/17 02:40
forcedminer 28/09/17 19:52
I would love if ore could be placed very deep on planets to give some players a reason to dig deep. I just wonder how much harder it could be on the games engine. be all like...yeah space engineers!! *stares up the main elevator shaft up to the surface world* nah im good and happy down here! basically playing red faction minus the rebellion
ronin 01/10/17 22:52
lol XD yah it possible to make ores super deep in the planet folders too :P