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Better explosion
i think u should make explosions have better quality so they would not be just a red pixel ball, maybe some particles flying away and leaving a smoke line behind, and etc hope u listen me and keep doing your great work whit this grate game !

Racso shared this idea 26/08/17 10:40
KissSh0t 27/08/17 05:38
More types of explosions using the spark effects would be really cool I think. More uses of the grinder spark effect, subtle use on gun barrel, turret barrel, cannon barrel... little sparks flying out like in the real world, not so bright when it is sunny, very bright when it is dark. Volumetric smoke effects would also be awesome.... if an object moved through the smoke it would move, I wonder if it is possible to also make volumetric flame effect?
sirhamsteralot 03/09/17 11:54
yea, what happened to the new explosion effects anyway? i liked the ones after the michael bay update :3
ronin 17/09/17 20:49
they also need to make them less bright tho so hen you have 10 explosions the light do sent burn your eyes and turn your screen black
byzod 27/09/17 13:28
I prefer "realistic" explosion that only trigger big blast for certain blocks Example: Armor blocks never explode Reactors create a HUGE explosion when destroyed, damaging all blocks around Hydrogen tanks create NONE to BIG explosion according to how much H2 in it Batteries create MEDIUM explosion etc.
forcedminer 27/09/17 20:01
while we're on the topic of explosions. the crafting component explodes if shot. :P but it uses a massive explosive sfx for an actually weak explosion. its not even enough to destroy a drop pod which is how i found out i has a massive blast look for such a weak blast.
Hammy 27/09/17 20:50
Reactors should explode on loss of functionality, not simply block destruction.
TheNewGuy07 06/11/17 16:11
Maybe this can be used as a performance enhancing feature. Big explosions like sci-fi reactor breaches can be used to clean the surrounding area of damaged blocks and debris.