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Better edges for Armour blocks. Make some minor changes to the way edge detail on armour blocks appears so it is less visually obtrusive and more consistent between small vs large blocks ( along with adding the edge detail which is missing on 2x1 armour blocks ). Very quick fix, all the work has been done in the linked mod- just needs to be integrated into the vanilla game...

SuicideNeil shared this idea 23/01/18 19:00
GusTar 27/01/18 21:30
Please do it Keen! This is an excellent solution.
SuicideNeil 02/02/18 22:29
I see the new style for armour block edges; very cartoony looking, still too large, and still not a consistent style between small and large blocks ( small blocks have gaps along the edging detail ). Still need to sort out armour blocks in general...