Space Engineers Feedback

Better 3rd person view (character, not ship)
Currently, both Engineers game suffers from a major camera problem. By default, the crosshair is on your head, like in Minecraft, so you don't really know what are you pointing at in 3rd person. It would be amazing if we could have a Warframe-like camera position, which could be switched by pressing a key (for example B). There should be three 3rd person options to be chosen by pressing that key: 1. Character is slightly on the left side 2. Character is slightly on the right side 3. Character is slightly lowered (2005 Battlefront II style camera) It would make people to use 3rd person more often, because currently it is useless although we have a lot of amazing 3rd person animations. Please make it happen! :)

505Legion shared this idea 31/08/17 13:00