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Battery charge and discharge at the same time
Dear developers, I have searched the forum and Steam discussion pages. I can find no sign of batteries being fixed, the battery issue being that the battery block charges and discharges at the same time (When neither Discharge or Recharge is toggled) . This powerflow (with 80% efficiency) causes energy loss, while batteries should only charge OR discharge, depending on the power shortage/surplus. Please fix this, thanks in advance! If you need some testing done, or anything else, I would be glad to help, so please let me know :) Cheers! BPunlimited

BPunlimited shared this idea 24/10/17 10:42
Maybesomeday85 30/10/17 16:49
More options for batteries. Use only when needed, meaning when solar panels and reactors cant satisfy energy demands. Discharge/recharge slider so it doesnt go 0%-100%-0%-100%. You could choose how low charge can go before recharge. So it would go like 70%-100%-70%-100%. It would go below that level if not enough recharge available.
Zooltan 30/10/17 22:51
Some of these things can be solved with a programmable block, which is a complexity that many like. That said, there should be viable options for those who don't want to write/use code.
BPunlimited 31/10/17 21:43
Not necessarily more options. I consider charging and discharging at the same time a bug, which should be fixed soon. The added options are appealing to me, but those are not the point of my suggestion :) I hope the bug finally gets priority