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Battery and Oxygen Tank optimization
How about adding sliding bar to Battery and Oxygen Tanks... Battery: on one side recharge from REACTOR |-----*-----| and SOLAR PANEL on the other... Example: I want to storage free solar energy in Battery, and have uranium powered Reactors as backup energy source. So I adjust that sliding bar to about 40% -> so Reactor will recharge Battery under and only to 40% of Battery capacity, and above only from Solar Panels (actually 0-100% capacity). I gain economic power source, and backup power in case no sun on solar panels as reactors so battery wont drain to zero till I have uranium. Now I have to turn off Reactor, so I don't lose uranium every time Battery drop under 100% even I have enough power to supply it from Solar Panels! Oxygen Tanks: similar... on one side OXYGEN GENERATOR |-----*-----| and OXYGEN FARM on other... but there is another problem: What to do whit air drained from AIR VENTS? Stockpile option just storage air... cant be used by Air Vents and Medical Rooms?! So there should be even double sliding bar... Example: Oxygen Generator refill Tanks to 40%... Oxygen Farms can refill to 80% (0-80%) and 20% left for Air from depressurized room. |---*---*-| Now I cant turn off Oxygen Generators because they supply Hydrogen Tanks, and all air from hangar is lost because no room in Oxygen Tanks left when I want depressurize it! What do U think, how do U pass this problem (I have ALL blocks connected via conveyors) Regards Munieck

Munieck shared this idea 24/09/17 15:47
NikolasMarch 24/09/17 23:41
there is a script that controls battery/reactor charging with a charge level you control to tell it when to turn the reactors on :)
posthy 25/09/17 00:39
Use separate, unconnected oxygen tanks for temporary depressurization, so they only store air for that particular room.
Munieck 25/09/17 00:49
Multiplayer servers have usually limits on Programmable Blocks, and often they are turned off if player is offline for sim speed optimization. Separate Tanks are waste of space in well organized ships.