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Batteries And Removable Power Cells
To combat the problem of uncharged batteries, and allowing grids powered solely by batteries, power cells (and their charge) should be an inventory item (like the gas bottles) that can be moved between batteries. This will allow one to have a battery on a grid with a generator (or solar panels) which is used as a power cell charger, then simply move those items over to batteries in another grid to power that grid.

malwaredev shared this idea 01/08/17 18:07
Pretmaker 01/08/17 18:55
Is powerlines a workable option instead?
xphoenixxx 02/08/17 03:00
Sort of like electrolyte cells? You could mod that further then.. have old batteries start buring out their power cells after a while? Or steal cells from pirated ships to power your own. Tho thats similar to the uranium ingots at that point..
malwaredev 02/08/17 10:38
@Pretmaker Maybe it would be, but imo powerlines doesn't really solve the same problem - and it's a bit more difficult to implement. Moveable power cells allows you to keep some precharged, so you can just replace them - making it far more feasible to have purely battery powered vehicles without the risk of them becoming completely stranded.
XeroCreator 06/08/17 20:06
Why not just a cheaper connector that does not transfer items? seems like it'd be easier to have a 'power connector' similar to power lines, but has a connector attached. This would also create a 'startup' way to connect grids easily.
xphoenixxx 15/08/17 07:28
Actually thinking further on this - it would unify the character resources too. ie to increase character capacity - hydrogen has bottle, oxygen has bottle, but you cant store extra power?
mikrogen 17/08/17 11:57
This is good idea, we try to find some good way how to implement it.
Krypt 17/08/17 22:44
I'm thinking about it for a while... well, for a year. Currently it can be implemented as a mod.
Krypt 17/08/17 22:59
@XeroCreator, connector cannot be locked until it is not powered
Different 17/08/17 23:14
I dd say rename batteries to battery containers, have 5 slots for small grid battery container and 20 slots for large battery cotainers, then add an item like battery cell that is a bottle-like item that can charge like a battery and drains like a battery. that should give it a different feel than uranium reactors and uranium.
Different 17/08/17 23:16
while we are at it battery cells, the bottle item I explained above could literally be like what an oxygen and hydrogen bottle are to oxygen and jetpack fuel only that it will recharge the energy bar, not sure why you would need that tho.. maybe it makes the game tedious maybe not
baratgab 18/08/17 00:15
Good idea... But total loss of grid power is a problem with conveyor-accessed reactors too, since the conveyor stops working, preventing the refilling of the reactors. :( What I usually do now is to always include a single, outwards-facing small reactor, and I usually color that reactor red, so I can notice it fast in emergencies. :)
Jumby42 18/08/17 03:24
+3 votes for this one. I have stranded ships many times due to loss of battery power. My thinking of implementing this would be along the same lines as @Different 's post
CDRTasun 18/08/17 09:15
Don't the new parachutes use a 'recharge' function via inventory components?
docwho1983 18/08/17 23:31
As long as this is also batteries for our use as the astronaut power as well. Cause we have warp drives or did have them. So we would have a way to power our suit that could be interchangeable like the oxygen and hydrogen bottle are.
Brubaker 19/08/17 09:54
I would also something similar with medical components and medical room. Medical components should be a kind of medikit as a bottle and consume when your health is under 100% and medical room charge the medikit.
Sanfard 20/08/17 23:09
Interesting idea. I actually considered the same implementation a while back, but never got around to posting it.
tehroommate 21/08/17 00:05
This almost sounds like having something akin to a Portable Battery. Or Batteries having and inventory and Charged/Depleted Power Cells as an item.
antokamire 21/08/17 15:46
Or a battery charger could work too
ManIkWeet 03/09/17 18:55
Or make batteries able to charge faster... Currently you need to wait at least 15 minutes for a battery to completely charge... Which can then drain in 15 minutes too. Perhaps make it possible to charge batteries instantly? Or maybe 5 minutes? (Assuming you got the power generation somewhere else)
Ronin1973 04/09/17 19:54
Perhaps we can consider reverting batteries to be 100% recyclable as before? If an unpowered grid can be accessed via a merge block or connector, then stranded grids are highly unlikely. For fast charging, I would prefer a new capacitor block. It should have a fast charge time and be able to dump its full charge quickly (it can power a great number of watts but only for a short time). Capacitors would also "leak" power. Simply, if it holds a charge, then a percentage of that charge would disappear while it is inactive or recharging. Charging a capacitor or bank of capacitors in a newly built grid or one that has been offline would allow players to get going quickly while they can then plan on long term power strategies for the grid.
NikolasMarch 05/09/17 22:48
no i dont agree with this idea at all, this means batteries will have to be conveyor linked, putting further strain on the conveyor system. Not just this, i Like the way they are now, with the electricity being transferred through the blocks as if all blocks had power cables built in etc If this was going to be an extra feature, this would be ok, but not replacement! People having stranded ships/rovers due to loss of power is just bad ship/rover design! Should have added solar panels :)
DaishoChikara 05/09/17 23:22
The back and forth on this is muddying the issue. This game is about a near-future science fiction setting. Batteries used in the US Apollo program could transfer stored energy back and forth, and yet we can't do that in SE. This should be a basic function. Beyond that, having the power cells completely non-refundable is LUDICROUSLY expensive. Making the cells removable, either manually or by inventory, would go a LONG way towards correcting economic problems in-game.
Sethran 05/09/17 23:32
Mabey just add a special conveyor type that transmits power, Normal conveyors would as well. The way power goes through all blocks on the same grid is really unrealistic.
AutoMcD 06/09/17 02:45
+1 And shame on the others for posting all these "workarounds" to this core issue.
XeroCreator 06/09/17 08:33
I don't really need the removable power cells, just leave batteries as they are, but provide a way to 'connect' battery packs into them or to have charged power cells in your inventory you can place into the battery 'slots' kinda like an oxygen generator, and then if the character has the battery pack in inventory, it can restore the players power usage. That might even be the whole point anyway.
Pharap 14/09/17 22:55
This is an excellent idea. It also has the benefit of possibly allowing a player to steal power from a nearby battery compartment to charge their suit in emergency or disrupt enemy systems by stealing batteries from their holders.
Charlat 14/09/17 23:37
If the player could carry extra power that would rock!
dcar 14/09/17 23:48
Good idea, but I'd rather have the removable battery items cause the battery block to end up functioning exactly as it already does with the exception that, as you wanted, you can remove/replace the battery items in the battery container block in order to manually migrate charge from place to place. This would have an emergent behavior of allowing you to store a pile of charged batteries and then have a conveyor system move discharged cells and charged cells automatically according so some kind of logic which you could dictate. E.G., If you dock a small battery-powered shuttle grid to a large starbase grid, then the discharged (either fully or partially discharged) cells from the small grid could be replaced with fresh ones from the base's inventory after they'd been charged in the base's power grid. To go along with this, there should be an option in each battery container block as to whether it will allow itself to power blocks on subgrids and/or connected/docked grids.
dcar 14/09/17 23:55
Follow-up thought: The lights on the side of the battery container block should reflect the state of each of the batteries inside. They'd need to be color-coded somehow to reflect how many batteries are in the container and the state of either the totality of the batteries in the container or the state of each individual battery.
Charlat 14/09/17 23:58
If I understand the idea correctly, power cells would become an item that is placed into a battery that can be recharged and discharged as the play needs them to be and that they can be moved by the player but not convyers. The power cells can alse be used to recharge players. If this is correct then there is a unique difference between power cells and Urainum that they would be more like rechargable batteries in real life. If this is the case then by all means this should be in the game!
Tpheonix 15/09/17 00:24
you could make it so that battery cells can be placed in a reactor, alongside uranium, the way Oxygen and Hydrogen bottles can be placed in an Oxygen generator. then the battery cells can either charge the player suit, or when placed in a battery container.
vadersson 15/09/17 18:00
I give this one high marks. I was thinking it would be nice to carry a battery pack that can recharge your suit like H2 or O2 canisters can now. It sucks to be down in the mine drilling away and run out of power. Now you might be lost in the dark with no tools. The original idea of transferring charged cells between equipment is awesome too.
Cifer7 18/09/17 00:50
The implications could even reach to production blocks. Like maybe you could place one of these inventory batteries in a refinery not hooked up to anything to give it power, it wouldn't last very long at all but adds some nice mechanics to survival, a way to get a use out of wreckage.
SioxerNiki 24/09/17 16:36
I gave it one vote. As long as it does not have conveyors (but the block def has conveyor support for modding) I am perfectly fine with this.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:49
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
Reaper93 02/04/18 23:04
I think it would certainly be interesting to have movable batteries like an inventory item. You could still have the battery model used today in SE. However, each one could have a capacity for one "power unit" and these units could then be moved into a charging station and placed back into the machine that needed power. You'd still have the weight and space taken up by the batteries.
Doomedperson 17/07/18 20:50
This would be a +6 if I could do it. Great concept, easy implementation, adds a "bottle" for power, allows battery powered ships to work without a connector... This is the exact kind of idea that SE needs.