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Basic Atmospheric Effects.
Atmospheres are Vacuums you can breathe in. I would like for one, singular thing about this to change: The introduction of atmospheric drag based on the cross-section of a ship in the direction of velocity, based on it's mass. Or it's average cross-section. I just want air to be draggy.

CDRTasun shared this idea 18/08/17 09:43
Soultechnology 08/09/17 23:27
i saw this as the ONLY OTHER atmospheric idea/post after i made mine. while this one was done first and i know not to spam forums im leaving mine up due to more detail. however. up voted this becouse i agree so much and in this case i dont think you cna have enough of a good thing because i dont get why this isn't in game already. sucha simple calcuation tbh.
RikCallegaro 28/02/18 17:34
Good idea!! Then we'll need to think on our space ship layout and we will need a lot of engines to leave earth... In a space game, atmospheric is essential :)